Beginner’s Guide: How to choose the suitable lashes for your eye shape

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Beginner’s Guide: How to choose the suitable lashes for your eye shape

False lashes are magic tools and suitable lashes for your eye shape can make your eyes appear more extensive and more attractive. There’s one thing that we all know, but that doesn’t mean that every lash will work for us.

False eyelashes are a great way to achieve the long, fuller, and more beautiful lashes you desire. However, not all fake eyelashes will look good on you. You can match different styles to your eye color and enhance the natural shape of your eyes.

We know it can be not very clear to find the right style, so here is our guide to helping you choose the right pair.

. False Lashes for Round Eyes

If your eyes are large and round, you may be able to see white around your eyes. Also, curled lashes will give you a more dramatic cat-eye shape.

Celebs: Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, Nicole Richie

Round eyes can be defined as those who can see your entire iris. To enhance the curve of your upper lid, curly lashes should be used. You should avoid voluminous, large lashes. They can make your eye appear more petite and flatter.

. Almond Eyes

RiRi’s almond-shaped eyes won’t allow you to see white above or below the iris. But, with voluminous lashes, you can achieve a sexy look with any lash.

Celeb: Beyonce

Queen Bey has almond-shaped eyes. They are slightly pointed at their ends and have a more comprehensive center where the lower and higher lids obscure the curve of her iris. Almond eyes can be described as an oval-shaped eye shape. This makes a lot of lash styles possible. You can show off your eyes’ shape with volume lashes that are evenly placed.

· False Lashes for Hooded Eyes or Small Eyes

Hooded refers to the fact that the fold on your eyelid hides a portion of your lid when your eyes open. Hooded eyes or small eyes are designed to open the eyes as much as possible. The eyes can appear smaller if they have long, thick lashes.

It would help if you opted for lashes that are shorter, natural-looking, and less dramatic. You can create the illusion of depth by having lashes that are slightly longer at the center.

Tip: Always trim your lashes to ensure they fit comfortably in the eyes. Cut from the outer corner because it is usually the longest.

Celebs: Blake Lively and Jennifer Lawrence. Nicole Kidman

Hooded eyes are defined by a prominent eyebrow bone and a crease. The eyelids of hooded eyes cannot be seen when the eye is open. False lashes can make hooded eyes look smaller and pull them down. For a genuinely open eye, use fluttery long lashes that are directly above your pupil.

·Deep-Set Eyes

If your eyes are slightly lower than your brow bone, it’s a good sign because your lashes can bring out the drama. Long, curled lashes will increase the size of your eyes by opening them up. For a more relaxed look, curl your lashes gently.

. False Lashes Monolid Eyes

Monolid refers to the absence of any crease on your eyelid. It is common in Asian ethnicities. Choose fluttery, crisscross lashes that open the eye or shorter, more dramatic ones. For more height and volume, curl your lashes immediately after they have been applied.

Celebs: Eva Chen, Liu Wen

Mono lids are more common among Asian eyes. Mono lids can have heavy tops and fluttery, multilayered lashes to open their eyes.

. Dramatic Look with Lashes

After you’ve chosen the perfect lashes, make sure you properly trim them. Although the false lash band’s length is always longer to accommodate everyone, most people will need to trim any excess for a more comfortable fit.

  • Eyelashes to Deepen Set Eyes

Celeb: Natalie Portman

Lady with deep, elegant eyes should highlight their large eyes. It would help if you were looking for longer lashes that curl upwards and away from your eyes. This will prevent unsightly mascara marks on the brown bones.

Understand Your Eye Shape

It is essential to understand your eye shape so that you can choose the most fake eyelashes. To assess the profile of your eyes, take a look in a mirror.

  1. Do you see the whole of the iris (the colored part around the pupil), or does an obscure lid feature?
  2. Consider how far your eyes can slant to the sides.
  3. Finally, check the crease of your eyelids with your eyes closed.

You need to know your eye shape before you can choose your false lashes. With a growing range of falsies available picking the best lashes can be confusing. What should you consider when selecting volume over length? Are fake lashes natural-looking?

Selection of Eyelashes

You can find out your unique eye shape with just four questions. Follow these questions and answers to determine your eye shape.

  1. Do you have a crease? A slit at the top or side of your eyelids?

For perfect false eyelashes, skip straight to the end!

Monolid eyelashes

Monolid eyelashes

  1. If you were to draw a straight line through the middle of your eyes, would your outer corners be below or above the line or right on the line?

If your answer is not above the line, then you have upside-down eyes. Scroll down to discover your perfect style for eyelashes. However, if you answer below the line, your eyes are downturned. Then, recommended eyelashes are further down.

Upturned & Downturned eyes

Upturned & Downturned eyes

  1. Are your eyes open? Is the crease of your eyelid visible?

If it is not apparent, your eye shape may be hooded. There is a 3D lash design for you that will fit your needs perfectly. Scroll down to discover which one! If your eyelids are visible, you will need to answer one last question. This will help you determine what eye shape it is.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded Eyes

  1. Looking straight into the mirror, do you see the whites below the iris?

If yes, you are round. We have two eyelashes that can be re-used for you. You can find out more about them below. If you answered yes, your eyes are almond-shaped. The following section will show you how to match your best lashes!

Round Eyes

Recommended lashes


Achieve your Lash Goals with our Lash Goals 6D Silk Lash, a 6-dimensional layered wispy with a unique crisscross pattern. This gorgeous style adds medium length and volume to your eyes and blends seamlessly with your natural hairs for a flawless lash look.



Step into this dreamlike butterfly wonderland with this wispy, soft, and tapered lash to achieve your ultimate makeup goals! Butterfly Wonderland Lash is ideal for those who want to add enviable length and want an ultra-glamorous look that brings attention to your eyes.



Honeymoon Brown 3D Faux Mink is perfect for everyday wear. Its unique crisscross pattern to mimic the appearance of natural hair yet to add a bit more of volume and depth that gradually increases from the inner to outer corner of the eyes for a flirty cat eye finish.

Final Thoughts

False lashes may make you feel more confident, but they can also make your eyes look worse if they are too long or too short. This is actually what drew us to false lashes. There weren’t enough options, so we wanted everyone in the world to have the right pair.

You know your eye shape, and which lash style suits you best; you can start trying on lashes. Check out best fake lashes at Appearanz.



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