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If you don’t have incredibly beautiful lengthy and volume lashes, you might be interested in learning more about eyelash growth serums. Are they effective? Is it safe to use them? We chatted with a panel-certified dermatologist and an eyelash industry specialist to get the inside scoop on the lash serum business.  Well, here’s an overview of eyelash growth serums. Read on to find out more!

How Does Lash Growth Serum Work?

When we insist on the necessity of healthy hair follicles in any region of the body, we’re talking about how to promote healthy hair development. Hair bulbs form strands of hair fibres in those small, tunnel-like features in the epidermis.

Those follicles on the scalp, brows, and lashes require a lot of oxygen and nutrients for proper hair development. This can be done through administering vitamins, minerals, and hair-promoting growth factors directly to the hair follicles with a brush or wand, lash and brow serums.

Active Ingredients in Lash Growth Serums

Conditioners and growth boosters are the two major types of chemicals included in most lash growth serums. Typical examples include:

  • Botanical Extracts:  Plant essences with hydrating and nourishing properties for the skin.
  • Vitamins: The most essential of all vitamins is vitamin B7 (also known as biotin), which aids in the conversion of food into energy and is essential for healthy skin, hair, and nails.
  • Ceramides: These lipid corpuscles aid in the moisture retention of the skin. They aid in the bonding of your hair to its strands.
  • Peptides: Collagen and other proteins require short-chain amino acids as basic components to maintain the skin and hair, and ensure they are healthy.

You may be curious if you can just apply your favoured brow serum on your lashes and vice versa. Brows and lashes are not the same things. They have varying lengths of growth cycles and differ in size. As a result, product compositions and applicators are often slightly varied.

  1. How Long till the Results of the Serums?

We’re all for quick satisfaction, but when it comes to lash development, tolerance is a discipline. Why do lash serums take such a long time to work? It has to do with the hair’s natural growth cycle. Whether you take a prescription or over-the-counter product, you should see beginning benefits in four weeks, with maximum results rising after three months of treatment.

What’s the grab? The advantages of the serum will disappear if you stop using it regularly. But don’t assume you can outsmart Mother Nature with a “more is more” mentality. The serums are designed to function following the natural development cycle of your lashes and brows, something you can’t accelerate.

The Safety of Lash Growth Serum

Every drug has its side effects. However, there are dangers and adverse effects, such as dry eyes, eyelid darkening, and, in rare cases, eye colour change, as with any medication. The misunderstanding was discovered if the medicine goes into the eye and is taken for lengthy periods.  when the product is administered appropriately, the chance of eye colour change is less than one percent.

In the OTC market, things are less apparent. Any product containing a prostaglandin analogue is expected to have the same hazards. Before adding new products to your skincare routine, you should carefully read the ingredients list and speak with your doctor. While sensitivity is uncommon, it is always a risk anytime a new beauty product is introduced, always take note.

Sensitivity or irritation is more often than not caused by goods not being utilized as intended. If irritation develops, she suggests using the lotion every other day or so for a week or two.

Can Use  Lash Growth Serum Along with Fake Lashes?

Let’s debunk a common misconception: If you have eyelash extensions, you may — and should — use a lash serum to help prevent natural lash loss and breaking. Make certain, however, that the lashes product you pick does not damage your eyelids. You can rely on Starseed lash packaging.

They have been specifically manufactory and tested for both durability and comfort. Their packaging protects your lashes from my damage before reaching you. Their proficiency in the market is due to a  pool of greatly talented and dedicated workforce.

How to Choose the Best Lash Growth Serum

So, exactly how do you choose between a prescription lash serum and an over-the-counter lash serum? It all boils down to your preferences, financial constraints, and biological makeup. Not all serums are made equal, which implies that not all serums contain the same ingredients. However, keep in mind that more costly does not always imply superiority!

The easiest approach to locate an OTC eyelash growth serum that suits you is to ask family and friends for suggestions and study well-known products with a track record.

It’s all about safety, efficacy, and education at the end of the day. As it said by most doctors, “When patients use a product, they should be aware of the risks and advantages”.  It should also explain how to utilize it properly!

The Bottom Line

Having gorgeous eyelashes is simply the best. What’s essential is to understand that every aspect of your body takes time. In the meantime, as you wait for your lash growth serum to work its magic. Light up your room and enjoy a nice show with an incredible screen. Good luck!


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