7 Fun Tips to Get Ready for Your Next Big Party

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7 Fun Tips to Get Ready for Your Next Big Party

If you are a woman who is getting prepared for a big party, you need to figure out what look works for you and how you can fit that look into the occasion. You also want to coordinate your hair and nails into your party look. The following information will give you the tips you need to arrive in style.

To plan for a big celebration, you have to consider the theme and dress code. If you are going to a lavish affair, you must consider whether it is black tie (which includes tuxedos for men and formal dresses for women), white tie (which covers the fanciest apparel), and formal or black tie optional.

1. Know the Dress Code

Black Tie Affairs

When the party is black tie, it means, traditionally, to wear something black. However, over the years, the celebration allows for more vibrant colors in long dresses as well as the wearing of separates. Nevertheless, you never can go wrong with a formal in black – a traditional and timeless party apparel

Dressing to Impress – Hemlines for Women Should be Floor-Length

A black tie occasion is an event where you dress to impress. Hemlines are floor-length and luxury fabrics, along with beading and lace, are de rigueur. If you choose to wear a simpler formal dress, add some bling, carry a bold evening bag, or wear bolder shoes.

A black tie party is usually an event that is held in the evening for a wedding or gala. It’s a Cinderella type of affair, so, like Cinderella, you have to wear the right dress.

One of the great looks for a black tie party is a rhinestone dress in black with a sweetheart neckline and mermaid design. As noted, black is not a somber at this type of gala, but rather an opulent and sophisticated look. Again, you never can go wrong with a black formal at a black tie event.

The Fanciest of Parties – A White Tie Event

White tie occasions represent parties with the most formal dress code. Usually, a white tie celebration is a world-class event – an occasion where the attendees are red carpet guests, thereby making a full-length evening gown a must for this type of glam celebration.

Flourishes, such as appliques and beading, are notable accents on gowns that are fitted and designed specifically for the elegant bash.

Black Tie Optional – Express Your Best Self

If the party is a black tie optional affair, you go with black-tie formality or practice a little more flexibility when choosing what you wear. Just make sure your look is tailored and refined, but still feel free to express yourself, choosing luxe materials that showcase, for instance, textures and prints.

You might also choose from gowns with fabrics that highlight sleek solids – always a great choice for showing off beautiful jewelry and accessories.

2. Choose a Classic Hairstyle for a Formal Party

Naturally, you cannot attend a glamorous fete without having your hair done up and nails manicured to perfection.

So, what are the best hairdos to consider for complementing your look and how should you stylize your nails?

If your hair is longer, a classic and understated, yet elegant, look is always best. A style, such as a chignon or updo are ideal hairstyles, with mouse added to impart sheen, texture, and volume.

3. Get a Pixie Cut if Your Hair is Shorter

If you wear shorter hair, a pixie will make you look younger. Even if you are young, this timeless style is as head-turning as it is winning.

4. Add Some Subtle Highlights to Your Hairdo

Add subtle highlights to your hair to add a bit of glam for a special or formal occasion.

5. Choose a French Manicure or a Neutral Polish for Your Nails

To ensure manicure success for a  formal occasion, a French manicure is the ideal choice. The classic manicure both sophisticated and stylish.  A skin-toned polish with neutral undertones is a good choice as well.

6. Go with Oxblood or Dark Burgundy if You Want to Give Your Nails Color

If you want to paint your nails more vibrantly, choose oxblood or dark burgundy, as it goes with most formalwear and skin tones.

7. Keep Your Nails Conditioned before the Grand Event

To ensure your nails’ health, moisturize them with castor oil, which contains vitamin E and is good for the cuticles, or add olive oil for natural nourishment. Wear gloves when gardening, washing dishes, or cleaning around the house.

Final Thoughts

Whatever the formal occasion, knowing the dress code is the secret for choosing just the right gown and look for the festivities. Understated and elegant are the two words that best describe how to dress for gala affairs.


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