Easy Hacks to Amplify Your Hair’s Volume

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Many in-depth studies have shown how people are physically attracted to people who look “healthy.” It may include having a well-proportioned body, clear skin, or even thick hair. However, not all women have thick or numerous hair strands to make them look younger and healthier. This problem pushes hair growth shampoos and conditioners to enter the limelight. Yet, it’d take days for your hair to feel the full effects of your hair growth products. But don’t worry, for you can revamp your hair’s appearance effortlessly. Check out the following ways on how to amplify the volume of your hair.

5 Ways on How to Amplify Your Hair’s Volume in Easy-Peasy Ways

Here are five easy ways to give your hair extra volume without the need to wait for your hair to grow longer and thicker.

1. Finger-comb your hair gently.

Brushing your hair the conventional way can smooth the frizz, but doing so can make your hair look flat. Hence, women would often tease their hair to give make it more voluminous. Unfortunately, this brushing technique can do more harm than good, roughening the cuticles and causing damage in the long run. Instead, try running your fingers on your hair to the scalp. Finger combing helps you push your hair upward, giving the illusion of thicker hair.

2. Air-dry your hair before blow-drying it.

Blow-drying would be the easiest way to volumize your hair since it can help lift your hair instantly. However, it is not advisable to blow-dry it when your hair’s wet, its weakest state. Hence, make sure to air-dry your tresses for the first 20 minutes. Then, blow-dry your hair while brushing it upside-down to get the instant extra volume your hair needs.

3. Boost your curls with rollers.

Not all women with curly locks have thick hair strands. One way to emphasize those curls is to use rollers. These curling tools may be old-school for some, but you don’t need to plug them in times of hairstyle emergency. Leave those rollers on for at least 30 minutes before removing them carefully. After taking them out, you can either leave those sweet curls or comb them with a round brush for a boost in hair volume.

4. Let your volumizing hairspray become your best friend.

If you’re opting to sport some Hollywood-like hairstyles, a volumizing spray should definitely become your best friend. Volumizing hair sprays are different from styling sprays because these hair products are specifically made to strengthen and lift strands, preventing your hair from weighing down. As a result, your hair becomes extra volumized.

5. Don’t apply too much hair conditioner.

As much as you’d like to soften your hair strands, excessive application of hair conditioners is a big no-no, especially if you’re aiming for a volumized look for your tresses. When your hair absorbs too much moisture, it can weigh your strands down, hence, hindering you from achieving fuller locks. To avoid so, you can apply only a few drops of your favorite hair growth conditioner and leave it on for a few minutes to allow the absorption of nutrients and coating of your hair cuticles. After that, rinse your hair immediately to avoid overconcentration of moisture.

Make Yourself Look Youthful with a Thicker-looking Hair.

Every person’s hair differs in terms of quantity, or the number of hair strands, and quality, including the thickness, softness, color, luster, and texture. Hence, not everyone can get thicker and denser-looking hair. But don’t worry, for you can fake it till you make it. Following the easy hacks and using the most suitable hair growth shampoos and conditioners will not only give off the illusion of having volumized hair. It will also keep your hair long and strong and help you retain your youthful appearance.


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