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Cosmetics Write for UsWhat is a cosmetic?

Any chemical used to clean, enhance, or modify the appearance of the skin, hair, nails, or teeth is referred to as a “cosmetic.” Make-up, perfume, skin lotion, and and also nail polish are examples of cosmetics. Grooming aids are another type of cosmetics.

Some cosmetics may be classed differently at Health Canada and controlled by various programmes:

Topical antibiotic creams, for example, are classified pharmaceuticals because they claim to have a therapeutic effect (e.g., to prevent or treat illness) or include active chemicals that are not authorised in cosmetics.

Natural health products are those that claim to have a therapeutic effect by incorporating natural active components (for example, a topical herbal treatment to hasten scar healing).

Food goods, such as chewing gum, are items that are meant to be consumed and do not have a therapeutic effect or claim.

Pesticides are contained in insect repellant creams and sprays.

Veterinary medications are products that aid animals therapeutically, such as dander-reduction lotions.

Cosmetic or drug?

A personal care product is a chemical or combination of substances that is well recognised for use in everyday cleansing or grooming. A personal care product can be classified as either a cosmetic or a medication, depending on its components and claims.

A beauty product or grooming aid is normally classed as a cosmetic, but it is legally classified as a medication if it purports to alter biological functions or prevent or cure illness.

However, A DIN (Drug Identification Number) or an NPN (Natural Product Number) appears on the label of a product that has been approved as a drug. If you’re not sure if a product you’re using is a cosmetic or a drug, look it up in the Drug Product Database or the Licensed Natural Health Products Database.

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