10 Tips for Choosing the Best Hair Salon

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Choosing the Best Hair Salon

The quest for the perfect hairdresser is often fraught with difficulties. After all, no one wants to give their hair to just anyone. Our checklist can help you identify the best hairdresser capable of meeting your expectations: follow our advice to locate your future hairdresser’s salon!

Wishes and Criteria

Before you start your research, think about what you desire and what matters most to you in a hair salon. Are you looking for specific advice? Do you prefer to come unexpectedly instead of making an appointment? Do you have budget constraints? Concrete criteria will significantly facilitate the search for the ideal salon.

Word Of Mouth

Listen to the recommendations of those around you. For example, if you love a friend or coworker’s haircut, ask her which hair salon she frequents. If she’s had bad experiences before, she’ll also be sure to let you know.

Online Survey

Take a look at the website of the show you are interested in: you can usually get an idea of ​​the concept and the services offered without having to travel. To make up your mind, also check out reviews from other clients and photos of the hairstyles they’ve shared on Facebook and other social networks.

Price List

Some hair salons charge extra services (e.g., blow-dry). Carefully study the list of prices beforehand: this will prevent you from having to give up a specific service or get frustrated at the cash desk. You will also know if there are any discounts or special packages if you are a student, for example.

A Quick Visit!

If possible, make an appointment directly on site. It will allow you to examine the living room closely. Is the atmosphere pleasant? Is the place clean and welcoming? These are already valuable first clues in the quest for the ideal hairdresser.

Make an Appointment

When you are asked for the name of your favorite hairdresser when you book an appointment, it is a great sign! It certainly means that this hair salon works with a regular clientele that comes back regularly. Take the opportunity to ask questions about hairdressers specializing in each area to find out who to book for coloring, haircuts, buns, etc. Also, you can find out the latest mobile barbers and book an appointment for your haircut.

The Team

On your whirlwind visit, pay attention to everyone on the team: are you on the same page? Do you find them sympathetic? In that case, chances are you will feel comfortable in this living room. Also, please take a look at their hairstyles. Hairdressers in the same salon often cut each other’s hair: a good showcase of their talents!


To get a first impression, you can first book a consultation and diagnostic appointment without haircuts or styling. A professional hairstylist worth his salt should take the time to study your scalp and hair type and ask you questions about the problems you are having and your grooming routine. This step also allows you to get to know each other while receiving beneficial advice.

Clearly Express Your Expectations

When something doesn’t work, or you’re not happy with the result, it’s not always the hairdresser’s fault. Maybe you were having misconceptions about the result or chose a cut that ultimately doesn’t fit you or your hair type. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to bombard your hairdresser with questions. For example, don’t just ask if bangs would look good on you, but rather which bangs are right for you (tapered, long, etc.). Then it’s up to you. You can also bring a photo that will help your hairdresser understand your expectations. A true professional should consider your hair and the shape of your head and your overall look. The new hairstyle should match your style, and the new coloring should flatter your skin tone.

Continuing Education

Continuous learning is the prerequisite for staying on top. Many hairdressers continue to develop their skills and keep up to date with the latest trends by participating in training courses, seminars, and even competitions. If you see any awards or diplomas displayed in the lounge, you’ve probably come across the right address.

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