Why Is Skincare More Important Than Makeup?

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“Why skincare is more important than makeup?” The answer to this question varies from individual to individual and some people might oppose it too. As we all know, makeup enhances our beauty but what about looking radiant and pretty without makeup?

Makeup when applied to unhealthy skin can lead to breakouts and other problems, so prepping your skin to tolerate all the harsh chemicals in makeup is extremely important.

As skincare is getting a lot of attention lately, we are going to list several reasons for you to invest in skincare too.

Makeup looks better on great skin

When trying to determine the cause of a cakey, textured foundation, there are many things to consider. Perhaps you used the wrong application tool or your foundation is too thick, but you might actually have dry skin to blame for this. You can cover up unwanted spots and blemishes with foundation, but it won’t do much in terms of improving the texture. As you work on improving your skin, the foundation will become more smooth and dewy while also evening out your skin tone. Who knows, you may eventually stop wearing foundation altogether.

Skincare is a long-term investment

You will eventually save money by investing in your skincare routine. However, it will take time. Your skin will look and feel better if you learn how to care for it properly, find products that work for you, and live a healthy lifestyle. You will be less likely to cover up your skin with makeup if you’re satisfied with your skin, which means you won’t have to purchase makeup as often since your products will last longer. Therefore saving you money that you can use for other purposes.

Skincare keeps your skin healthy and prevents skin problems

Right now, one of the biggest skin concerns is protecting against sun damage, which can cause aging, skin cancer, and sunburn. Good skincare routines should include the use of SPF to protect against these problems. In addition to skincare, diet and lifestyle play a significant role in the health of your skin. Therefore, skincare alone is not going to solve everything. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is as important as having good skincare products. However, investing in both can only benefit your skin in the long run.

Learn about the different types of skincare routines all over the world

In case you are not already intrigued by K-beauty, it’s time to get thinking, since it’s taking over the beauty world! K-beauty, also known as Korean beauty, has mostly been focused on skincare rather than makeup because Koreans place high importance on having flawless skin.

In Korea, many people are referred to as having “glass skin,” a term used to describe their face’s dewy, clear, and smooth appearance. In general, this is achieved by following a six-to-eight-step daily skincare regime, which seems like a lot at first but has proven to be worthwhile in the long run. In a very extensive skincare regimen, many products are unique and luxurious, including face masks with 24 Karat gold!

Improved skin builds confidence.

It is true that most women use makeup to enhance their naturally beautiful features, but a significant proportion also uses it to camouflage their imperfections. When you focus on skincare and improving the quality of your skin instead of continuously attempting to cover up your imperfections, you can improve your confidence about how you look without masking everything.

It is very satisfying to see the results you achieve over time, and it can improve your self-confidence. Makeup is a great way to express creativity and have fun, but it shouldn’t become a chore or a means for concealing insecurities.

What does a basic skincare routine consist of?


A cleanser is what you will use to wash your face, so you should make sure it is designed for your face – not just any soap or body wash. You should wash your face gently and avoid scrubbing. Next, rinse your skin with lukewarm or normal water, as hot water strips it of natural oils and causes it to become dehydrated.


Here’s one of those products you may not need to use every day. It is okay to exfoliate more than usual if you have dry skin, such as winter-induced dry skin, but you should still limit the amount of time you do it, once or twice a week at most. When done after cleansing, exfoliation helps to remove flaky skin by increasing the turnover of skin cells. Chemical exfoliants are recommended over scrubs to avoid damaging the skin’s protective barrier. Removal of dead skin and buildup does have benefits – smoother skin and clearer pores.


Applied after washing your face, toner makes your skin smooth, soft, and calm. Toners are often made up of ingredients that replenish and rehydrate your skin and can reduce redness and dry patches.


Adding a serum to your skincare routine is also an option since it contains antioxidants or retinol that help improve your skin health in several ways, such as reducing redness, improving texture, and firmness.


You should use a moisturizer after every wash of your face with the same frequency as you use a cleanser. Choosing the appropriate moisturizer can also be difficult- people with oily skin, for instance, need lightweight, oil-free, or gel products. Moisturizers keep your skin hydrated and smooth, preventing it from drying out. To seal in moisture, they work best when applied on slightly damp skin.


In addition to your moisturizer, you should also wear sunscreen – particularly if your moisturizer contains less than 30 SPF. By now, you should know that sunscreen should be applied every day, regardless of weather, even when you’re covered. When you are exposed to the sun, it’s important to reapply every two hours. As if skin cancer and sun damage weren’t enough to convince you, you should also realize that UV exposure causes wrinkles, loss of firmness, uneven skin tone, and aging signs.


Skincare is intrinsically connected to makeup, as skincare can enhance makeup application, but not the other way around. In honor of Glossier’s famous motto, we strongly believe “skincare first, makeup second.” If you take the time to find the right skincare products from the best skincare product manufacturers, you will reap the rewards.

By focusing on skincare over makeup, you can gradually but surely begin to see how you look when you wear nothing on your face, your purest, most natural form. If you want to gift skincare products to your loved ones you can use custom luxury gift boxes that will amp up the appearance of your gift.


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