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Nail Polish Write for UsNail polish is a lacquer that is used to paint fingernails and toenails. This polish comprises a variety of ingredients to be durable, flexible, and resistant to chipping and peeling. Here’s how nail polish is made and what each component does.

Chemical Composition of Nail Polish

Nitrocellulose mixed in butyl acetate or ethyl acetate can be used to make simple, transparent nail polish. As the acetate solvent evaporates, nitrocellulose produces a lustrous layer. Most polishes, on the other hand, include a lengthy ingredient list.


Solvents are liquids used to combine other chemicals in nail polish to make it consistent. These solvents are usually the first component of nail polish. The solvents will evaporate after the polish is applied. How thick a polish is and how long it takes to dry depends on the amount and kind of solvent used. Ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, and alcohol are some examples of solvents. Toluene, xylene, and formalin or formaldehyde are hazardous compounds previously widely used in nail polish but are now only found in trace amounts.

Film Formers

Film formers are the ingredients that give nail polish its flat surface. Nitrocellulose is the most common film-maker.


The film adheres to the nail bed because of the resins. Resins are substances that give nail polish its depth, shine, and toughness. Tosylamide-formaldehyde resin, for example, is a polymer used as a resin in nail polish.

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