Why Should You Avoid Using Flat Irons & Hair Relaxers?

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People worldwide agree that straightening unruly hair is the only way to manage it. The ancient Egyptians first introduced the concept of using hot iron plates to straighten hair. Since then, the idea has been commercialized, and in 1909, Issac K. Shero first introduced the flat iron.

Moreover, the market has developed multiple hair straightening products like hair relaxers, creams, etc. According to Market Data Forecast, the hair straightening market will grow at an expected CAGR of 8% by 2028, proving its popularity.

However, recent studies by the National Institutes of Health proved that chemicals used in hair straightening products lead to uterine cancer risks. This blog will cover the side effects of straightening hair and present alternatives.

Why Should You Avoid Using Flat Irons?

We have seen millions of trendy hairstyles like the bob, pixie cut etc., but pin-straight hair has always stayed in style. Usually, people love using hair straightening devices because they are suitable for all hair types and offer a quick fix. At the same time, flat irons are versatile and have even heat distribution features.

But did you know using heat on your hair can lead to dry hair and split ends? Heat can make your hair frizzy and dull.

Your cuticles might also get damaged due to the extreme heat produced. Moreover, the pulling action can lead to permanently damaged hair strands. According to Drug Watch, sensitive people can develop allergic reactions that lead to eczema, alopecia, etc., because of the chemicals on the flat iron wands.

The Consumer Notice Organization has found that straighteners can lead to scalp inflammation, skin atrophy, irritation, and hair loss. Overall, regular use of hair straighteners will damage your hair beyond repair.

Are Hair Relaxers Bad for Your Health?

A hair relaxer is a cream-based product that can loosen and relax your curls. Chemically, it breaks down the hair cortex bonds layer by layer.

However, the product is not as good as it seems. It contains alkali chemicals like formaldehyde, parabens, and thioglycolate. That is why prolonged usage increased the risk of health issues, and consumers developed side effects.

TorHoerman Law notes that hair relaxers contain chemicals that lead to breast and uterine cancer. It has affected the victim’s lifestyle, and some have passed away. Furthermore, the individuals have started filing lawsuits.

These claims were against companies that used or created chemical hair relaxers. The hair relaxer uterine cancer lawsuit holds L’Oreal, Dark & Lovely, Just For Me, Motions Hair, etc., accountable. They suggest that victims keep medical records handy before filing for the hair relaxer lawsuit.

Many researches and studies, like the Sister Study, have shown that women who use hair relaxers have an increased risk of developing cancer. That is why you should avoid chemical-based products to straighten your hair.

Two Natural Ways to Get Straight Hair

If you have curly or wavy hair, you should avoid flat irons and hair relaxers for your straightening needs. Look at these two tips to straighten hair without heat products or chemical creams.

#1. Wrap It

The method will differ depending on your hair length and texture. Firstly, spray some water on your hair and dampen it. Then, do a middle part, use a fine-toothed comb, and brush it flat on both sides.

Hold a section of hair firmly, wrap it, and secure it tightly with roller pins on the opposite side. Repeat the process and use small sections of hair to wrap it tightly. Once done, wrap a satin scarf neatly to prevent the hair from falling out.

Ideally, keep it in for a few hours or sleep with it.

#2. Pony Up

Another method would be to sleep with wet hair. After your shower, comb out your hair and then use a hairband to tie it into a loose pony on top of your head.

Once done, you can wrap the hair into a bun shape around the ponytail and use a hair tie to secure it. Moreover, you can use a DIY hair mask before tying your hair. Doing so will nourish your hair at night and keep everything in place.

Use a satin pillowcase or wrap your head with a scarf to avoid friction.

The Bottom Line

Straight hair is easy to maintain and bliss to style. Moreover, it suits all face shapes and hair lengths. This type of hair looks neat, shinier, and smoother.

However, individuals with curly or wavy hair use hair products like relaxers to achieve that straight look. This product contains chemical elements called parabens, formaldehyde, and more. Hence, causing significant adverse health effects like uterine and breast cancer. The National Cancer Institute and other organizations have produced studies that support this claim.

At the same time, you should avoid using flat irons as well. Although it can help you achieve the hairstyle quickly, the product does a lot of damage to your hair. Examples include frizzy hair and allergic reactions.

That is why you should straighten with natural methods like wrapping and going to sleep with wet hair.


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