Types of Hair Straighteners in 2020

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Types of Hair Straighteners

Technology is evolving very quickly. A whole new generation of straighteners has emerged—small decryption of various options and their interest. Below you can find new hair straighteners developed by technology.

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Comb Integrated Into the Straightening Iron

Some hair straighteners are equipped with a removable comb and sometimes even rain. They offer the advantage of detangling a strand and straightening immediately. But the hair must be completely dry before use; otherwise, it runs the risk of burning and becoming brittle. It can also be a heating comb that heats the wick even though its temperature is not high. In this case, the smoothing is faster and more efficient.

Ionic Technology

The ionic technology allows the straightener to release negative ions neutralizing the hair fibers’ positive ions. They discharge static electricity from the hair, fight against drying out and increase hair care effectiveness.

Wet and Dry

Traditional straighteners are for use on dry hair: as there are no evaporation holes, they are not intended for wet hair. But there are so-called “wet and dry” straighteners used on both dry and damp hair or humid. They save a lot of time, especially for someone with thick or curly hair: you need to wring out the hair well with a towel before straightening it.

Their specific technology allows them to determine the hair’s moisture level and adapt the heat of the plates according to this rate. A great way to save on a hairdryer!

Steam Straightener

It has been on the market for a few years for the greater good of our hair, especially those that are rebellious. The steam hydrates and protects them, and the hair perfectly relaxes, but in a light and natural way. If it is a little more expensive than the traditional straightener, it is also more effective and gives a more lasting result.

The Curling Straightener

The ultimate 2 in 1 device: the flat plates smooth, and the curved plates allow the formation of flexible or tighter curls according to the wrist’s movement. It also avoids the too rigid side of straightening by giving a natural tendency to the hairstyle.

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