Top 5 Ways to Wear Tape Hair Extensions

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It’s never been easier to style hair with tape-in extensions and what’s more, is effortlessly achieved when you find the right kind to fit your hair type: say goodbye to flat, lifeless hair and hello to length and volume.

Choosing the right extensions and getting them installed professionally will leave you with a head full of thick, voluminous, natural-looking hair every time without fail. Cliphair offers a wide selection of real tape-in extensions to match every colour, length and hair type imaginable. Whether you’re after a full, volumised blow-dry or sultry sleek pony, Cliphair offers a variety of tape-in extensions to help you to achieve the perfect style you have in mind.

If you’re looking for some hairstyles that look flattering and work well with tape hair extensions, then you’re in the right place! In this article, we cover a few of the many quick and easy hairstyles that can be achieved simple in just a couple of minutes! Grab your styling tools and get ready to get your glam on!

Updo – the iconic messy bun

The thought of wearing your hair up in a bun whilst having tape hair extensions in might sound risky at first (let’s be honest – no one wants the bonds showing!). However, you’ll remain surprised by just how simple it is to achieve a messy bun without the hair extensions on full display – and we’re very sure it’ll be a look you’ll be wearing again and again once you’ve tried it. This look super versatile and can remain worn daily whilst running errands or even dressed up for an effortless evening look.

To achieve the iconic messy bun, use a hair extension and bring it together into a ponytail. Then, smooth the edges where the extensions have created bumps. Gather the ponytail on top and with a hair tie, keep it in a loop. Then twist the hair into a claw and pull it through to create a bun. With your hand, pull out the sides to create the ‘messy’ effect and then pull the bun outwards to add more volume.

If you have a mix of brown and blondes in your hair and are struggling to find the right extensions, this natural looking set by Cliphair might just be what you’re after to create a messy bun look.

Curly beach waves

We all love an effortless beachy wave.  Beachy curls are perfect for bottomless brunch with the girls, an outdoor wedding, work drinks, and even a night out – the perfect all-rounder. And what’s more, looks even better with tape-in extensions that give the waves added volume and length.

To achieve the classic beach wave, first, spray your hair with a salt spray to allow your hair to hold some of its natural curls. Make sure to use heat protection before blow drying your hair upside down to add extra volume and body into the hair. Separate your hair into smaller sections and use a crimper or waver on each section to style until you achieve your desired wave. After waving the section of hair hold the strand of hair in your hand whilst it cools down before using a little hairspray on each section so it holds. And there you have it, beach waves without even stepping foot onto a beach!

For a beach blonde wavy look, this set by Cliphair is perfect for styling with heat.

Sleek, high ponytail

Sleek, high ponytails are the perfect hairstyle for a night out – it gives off a chic, polished look whilst keeping your hair out of your face, allowing your complexion and outfit to stand out. All you need for this look is a hair extension brush, hairspray, and plenty of bobby pins.

Tip: if you know you’re wanting updos, make sure to tell your hairdresser before applying for the extensions.

The success of a ponytail all comes from extension placement.

Gather all your hair to a high point of your head and secure with a hair tie to form a tight ponytail (you don’t want your tapes showing so make sure your hair tapes are flat to your head). Then, taking a small strand of hair from the ponytail, wrap the strand around the head of the ponytail and secure them in place with a bobby pin to help hide any tape that might be showing. For extra added volume, make sure to gently pull some hair from the top of your head and backcomb them right from the roots.

For a hair extension set that provides length and gloss for a high pony.

This set by Cliphair is made with tape that lays flat to your head so you can go about your day without any odd mishaps!


From fishtails to a classic French plait, plaits are stylish, versatile and look great with extensions in. Though they appear intricate in detail, the good news is that they’re not as difficult to achieve as they may look.

To form a plait, you want to start off by taking a section of your hair and dividing this into three separate small sections. Then, taking the left strand of hair, cross this underneath the middle strand and do the same with the right strand. Repeat this process until you reach the very end of the hair strand and secure with a hair tie. The three pieces of in a plait doesn’t need to be exactly the same size since it’ll add a textured effect to the style at the end – but do be mindful that the plait isn’t too tight or it’ll be pulling on your extensions otherwise!

For some lightweight extensions to be used in plaits, this set by Cliphair is super lightweight and discreet for any styles that might need that extra bit of help!


Bored of the middle part? Why not switch things up with a side-swept look?

It’s simple, glamorous, and ideal for a night out or even for a casual work drink.

Using the arch of your eyebrow as a guide, part your hair and bring it over to create the side part.

(adjust your hair if necessary to make sure no extensions are on display) and backcomb at the roots to add some volume.

To finish, tuck your hair behind your ear on the side where there’s more hair to hold it in place.

And that’s all there is to it, the popular red-carpet style.

Real hair extensions can add serious style, volume, and length.

and once you’ve discovered how to style tape-in hair extensions, you’ll be able to transform flat and dull to volumising and thick in an instant.

Why not give it a go and try some of these looks for yourself?

For an everyday look like a side-swept parting, this best-selling extension set by Cliphair can be washed.

Cut and styled to create any style it is you have in mind.

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