The Treatment Of Your Spa

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The Treatment Of Your Spa

For your spa water to be always clean, it is vital to treat and disinfect it regularly using different products that are suitable and correctly dosed. Remember to regularly check the quality of the water in your spa to make it easier to treat.

Why Treat Spa Water?

The treatment of spa water is essential and we should do it diligently, as this influences the quality of the water, the comfort, and the hygiene of the users:

  • Spa water treatment begins with effective filtration.
  • You choose different treatment products: chlorine, bromine, active oxygen, PHMB, and Ozone.
  • It is crucial to test spa water regularly.
  • Sometimes it may also be necessary to perform shock water treatment.
  • Finally, don’t forget to clean the spa regularly.

Which Treatment Product To Choose For Spa Water?

There are different spa treatment products, each with its advantages and disadvantages:

Spa Treatment With Chlorine

Chlorine for a spa is the most widely used treatment product because it is beneficial and inexpensive: € 20 per 5 kg pot of tablets. This powerful disinfectant can destroy microorganisms, fungi, algae, bacteria, and viruses, allowing you to enjoy a healthy spa. It comes in liquid, powder, or tablet form that you place in the skimmer or a floating dispenser.

However, note that chlorine is sensitive to hot temperatures and pH changes, reducing its effectiveness. Finally, note that it is contraindicated for inflatable spas as it can damage the coating.

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Spa Treatment With Bromine

Spa bromine is as effective as a disinfectant as chlorine, and it is much less sensitive to high temperatures, UV rays, and changes in pH, which is why it has been so successful in recent times. Also, it is odorless and does not irritate the skin, eyes, or mucous membranes.

In short, bromine has many advantages, but it is also more expensive: count around 65 € for a 5 kg pot of bromine tablets. Note that bromine can in no way be combined with chlorine, mostly stabilized chlorine and other acidic products. However, we can combine it with active oxygen, which will reactivate it.

Spa Treatment With Active Oxygen

Active spa oxygen is a frequently found product because it is natural and does not cause irritation. Note that always combine it with a persistent product which will enhance its disinfection power. You can also combine it with chlorine, especially if you want to shock the spa water. Finally, note that it is susceptible to temperature variations and high temperatures, increasing the quantities when you heat the water. Count around 20 to 25 € for 20 tablets of active oxygen.

The Spa Treatment At The PHMB

PHMB is stable and does not irritate, besides being very insensitive to temperature and pH variations. On the other hand, it has no action against algae, unlike chlorine, which requires you to combine it with an anti-algae. Note that PHMB is incompatible with both chlorine, bromine, copper, and bronze. Count between 10 and 20 € / liter of PHMB on average.

The Ozone Spa Treatment

Ozone is a gas that is produced by an Ozonator that you have to install. It has the benefit of reducing the use of chemicals and reduces chemical odors, the risks of irritation, and intolerance. It must still be associated with a persistent product such as chlorine, bromine, or active oxygen and requires continuous filtration for the Ozonator to produce Ozone continuously. Count between 50 and 200 € for a Spa Ozonator.


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