Pregnancy: The Risks And Precautions To Take

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Pregnancy is not an illness. But it is a condition where a pregnant woman needs to pay special attention to her health – and that of her unborn baby.

As pregnancy always raises many questions, doubts, and worries in the expectant mother, in this article, we present the main risks that could endanger the excellent progress of a pregnancy. And of course, you will also find tips on how to keep these risks to a minimum.

The risks associated with the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs

While alcohol consumption, tobacco – or drugs in the broad sense is generally discouraged, this precept is even more valid during pregnancy.

Because not only do these substances endanger your health: above all, they may hinder your baby’s physical and mental development.

You will understand: during pregnancy, we say NO to alcohol, cigarettes & Cie.

Risks associated with “prohibited” foods

There is a whole series of “prohibited” foods during pregnancy, as they may endanger the mother or child. We particularly mention the risk of listeriosis and toxoplasmosis.

Expectant mothers are worried about consuming foods that are potentially harmful to their babies. So to help you stay zen, here are some essential rules to remember.

3 Rules To Follow During Pregnancy:

  • avoid raw foods or semi-cooked animal products.
  • Wash raw fruits and vegetables thoroughly
  • wash your hands thoroughly when handling raw food.

The Risks Associated With Being Overweight

It is crucial to avoid being overweight during pregnancy because:

  • too much weight gain can cause gestational diabetes (gestational diabetes)
  • the baby may also be born with too much weight
  • the risk that your child will be overweight later increases
  • the risk of a premature birth increases
  • the “extra” value is an additional load on the pregnant woman’s body, which is already strained enough.

But controlling pregnancy weight gain is often easier than done. The importance of weight gain during pregnancy varies from woman to woman!

How To Avoid Possible Overweight During Pregnancy?

  • Ensure a healthy and balanced diet
  • Get regular physical activity, for example, by taking sports lessons for pregnant women.
  • Follow the advice and recommendations of your doctor who knows you and is monitoring your pregnancy.

If your doctor notices, during routine check-ups, that your weight has increased too much, he or she may refer you to a dietitian to help you find the right nutritional balance.

The Risks Of Disease

During pregnancy, it is better to avoid certain diseases that could endanger the unborn baby.

You can protect yourself from certain diseases by refreshing your vaccines before a possible pregnancy plan. If it is too late, talk to your doctor: some vaccines can be given even during pregnancy.

During your antenatal consultations, the doctor will ask you if you have already contracted certain diseases or have been vaccinated to consider a possible vaccine.

These Illnesses Include In Particular:

  • rubella
  • measles
  • mumps
  • chickenpox
  • influenza
  • hepatitis

There are other “risk” diseases that the doctor can quickly diagnose during your check-ups to react as appropriate:

  • gestational diabetes
  • hypertension and preeclampsia (toxemia of pregnancy)
  • urinary tract infections
  • chlamydia
  • syphilis
  • gonorrhea
  • genital herpes
  • vaginal yeast infection

There remain the risks associated with a few diseases from which only increased caution can protect you:

  • toxoplasmosis
  • listeriosis
  • infectious erythema
  • CMV infection (cytomegalovirus)
  • dental problems

Good To Know: A simple cold is not dangerous for your baby. But avoid self-medication at all costs. It also applies to homeopathy: Consult your doctor before any homeopathic treatment!

Medicines are only needed when your health or that of the child is at risk. Other ailments and ailments during pregnancy should be treated in different ways.

Any medication must be discussed beforehand and validated by your doctor. He will guide you!

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