7 Useful Baby Shower Gift Ideas that Parents will Love

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The pandemic babies are coming! While clearly, their parents didn’t stay six feet apart, it’s now time for these expectant couples to be showered with gifts they need, want, and will love for their upcoming bundle of joy. Regardless of whether it’s child number one or child number six, newborns require a lot of attention, a lot of love, and a lot of diapers!

The arrival of a new baby is truly one of the sweetest events life has to offer, and being there to support the parents is an honor and blessing for everyone involved. Parents, especially if it’s their first born, often worry about whether they will have enough of what the baby needs, when they need it, and if they will do everything right. Suddenly caring for a new, fragile, tiny human is an enormous responsibility. Here are some baby shower gift ideas that will help get these beleaguer new parents-to-be started in the right direction.

1. Baby Clothes – Newborn and Beyond

Nobody really knows how large or small the baby will be until he or she is born, so purchasing clothes for newborns can be somewhat risky. If you’re spreading out your generosity, choose clothes in a multitude of sizes to cover the baby’s growth over a period of months.

Articles of clothing that are particularly useful include:

Onesies consider getting zippered onesies instead of snaps as they are much more convenient.

Booties – since the baby won’t be walking for nearly an entire year, focus on softness and warmth, like fleece, or super-soft cotton, and how the closures are secured, with snaps or Velcro.

Pajamas – Like onesies, but with long sleeves. Meant to be tight fitting and with feet covering to keep the baby snuggly warm.

2. Gift Card Giving – The Gift of Choice

There is one way you can help the new parents out that will surely be a huge hit! Gift cards have become an increasingly personal way to support friends and family alike. Purchas online, gift cards can easily be sent immediately via text or email, to help celebrate the joyous occasion. A gift card lets the recipients make the choices, and fill their baby-wish-list with essentials, whimsical sensory delights, or bottle sterilizers, humidifiers, and a baby monitor for safety.

3. Quality Stroller – “Moveable Baby Wheels”

Are the new parents fitness-minded? If so, a jogging stroller may be an appropriate gift. If not, a four-wheeled stroller will fill the bill nicely. Look for important features like ease of maneuverability, a large adjustable canopy, folding ability, a locking mechanism, etc. Additional attractive features include ability to remove/attach to a car seat, pockets for various items, cup holders, telescoping handlebars, and the ability to add additional seats. The stroller has soothing qualities that sometimes work when nothing else will, to help babies self-sooth to sleep. It is often a priceless problem solver that parents adore.

4. Carriers and Slings – For Cuddles and Closeness

There will be times when the parents want to carry the newborn close to their body. Especially during the first six months of life, it a healthy way to bond, as well as a convenient way to be hands free, and get other tasks accomplish. The best slings and carriers offer various carry positions, lumbar support, pockets, and padded straps.

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5. Diaper Service – Good for Babies and the Earth

Babies go through approximately 80-90 diapers a week. For those eco-conscious parents who don’t wish to use disposable diapers, a diaper service is the perfect solution. A diaper service will deliver fresh, clean diapers, and take the used ones away for approximately $80-$100 a month. Parents never have to wash or handle dirty diapers other than to take them off baby, and place them promptly within the service pail. Consider getting the parents start with a one-, two- or three-month subscription.

6. Toys & Books – for Tactile Play and Sensory Stimulation

Many parents, eager and hopeful for their baby to embrace curiosity and an enthusiasm for reading, will start reading to their baby ‘in utero.’ Carry on this valuable tradition by gifting them some of the best regarded toys and books for babies.  Toys today are create in black and white, patterns, and prints as newborns only see in black and white, initially. Textural toys that are spongy, bumpy, and squeak, truly attract babies attention.  Reading, with emphasis, funny sounds, and gestures, sooths even the newest, newborns, with delight.

7. Baby’s Memory Book – Filled with First’s and Beginnings

It’s hard enough to make time for capturing baby’s growth and milestones, that’s why every parent could use a little help from a formatted memory book. A physical baby book is a special place that parents and children will go to relive those early months of life. It can be fill with ephemera, photos, sonograms, baby shower cards, and of course, a tracking of all of baby’s important life events!

Anticipating the arrival of a newborn is one of the happiest, most exciting, and most anxious times in a person’s ( couples’) life. Filled with uncertainty and grand hopes, a baby shower offers the ideal opportunity to demonstrate support through not only gift giving, but through offers to help, as well. Vouchers for babysitting so the tired parents can have a night alone, or even just for an hour or two, a short break, so the parents can nap or just relax, will be particularly valuable.  Baby showers are a time to show great generosity of spirit!


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