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Among all of the innovative watches available in the market today, this Hublot watch is known because of its vintage “fusion” wristwatch. The Hublot watch designers combined all the rare fabrics, ceramics, leather, rubber, and metals for the maximum style, functionality, and comfort. It has developed the first rubber strap watch in the world.

It has a new material signature of the “King Gold” version, and it is made out of alloy. The company of Hublot earned a big claim from the figures of it worldwide. This watch has many fans worldwide, and they include all of the European princes and kings as well as the celebrated musician, artists, and athletes.

Who Founded Hublot Watch?

The founder of this Hublot watch was Carlo Crocco, and he is a visionary from Italy who was hailed from the line of the best watchmakers worldwide. The one who found the Italian watch Binda company was his uncle, who then developed all the best-selling watches available in Italy during the first peak of this watch model.

However, Iconoclastic Carlo Crocco wants their freedom in pursuing his version and vision. He has his view and image of the Hublot watches’ design, and he wants it to be a fashion trend and a traditional at the same time. Back in the year 1976, Crocco decided to leave Binda because he wanted to change the face of watchmaking.

Crocco’s Porthole Concept

Back in the year 1980, Carlo Crocco went to Switzerland, Geneva, to make his new manufacturing company, and he began to design his first watch collection. He loves sailing, and he wants to create a watch that is good for sailing. According to him, this watch is durable for adventures on-deck, and it is dressy for the events of black tie.

His inspiration in making this watch is to indicate its name to be “Hublot” because it means to be a porthole in French. The first design of the Hublot watch was made according to the windows of the ship. This has a bezel of steel or gold ornament with screws that are H-shaped. These screws are served as the markers of its hour.

Hublot Pioneers Their Rubber Strap

Designing the form of the Hublot strap has a set of collections presented uniquely. Crocco has clean lines, a comfortable fit, water-resistance, and smooth lines. None of the old watch strap leather, fabric, and materials-steel possess all of these unique qualities. You can easily wash this without doing any damage to the watch.

Rapid Rise to Watch the Success Of Its Industry

Crocco’s invention’s porthole design was to combine the rubber with an expensive metal but with a high risk. All the connoisseurs snubbed this watch with their vintage taste, and it could end up fading into oblivion. Hublot became the most expensive and favorite of all the royal families. Juan Carlos was the first fav of the Hublot watch.

This watch has a growing reputation as the watch of all the catapulted royalty with the brand of fame and success. Shortly this watch will compete with other luxury watches because of its best manufacturing company. Many rich people rank this as the best luxury watch that they wore.

Partnering to Create Unique And Limited Editions

Like other best watch brands in the market, Hublot has the most votes in some surveys because it has a brand ambassador and a sponsor to its company. One of the greatest and latest is the number 1 best Golfer in 2017 who partnered with Hublot. His name is Dustin Johnson. He is a big fan of Hublot watches, and he wears them during his tournaments.


Hublot allied with Ferrari, and it began in the year 2011, they have been strong since that day till the present. They place some of the Ferrari logos on their watch models. They trusted some of their watch collections to Ferrari, and they evoked all of the real power and bold lines of Ferrari luxury and race cars.

Usain Bolt

The famous Jamaican sprinter and the fastest man on earth, Usain bolt, have won the Olympic sport and has eight gold medals by breaking the sprinters’ records worldwide. He then became the Hublot watch ambassador back in 2015, and the company dedicated two watch designs for him, the yellow gold Big Bang and the Ceramic Big bang.


Hublot watch is the best-polarized watch brand that is available in the market before and even today. The most collectible watch in their design is the Big Ban design because it has a classic design and will give the people a good vibe. They will love this watch because they can pair it with different kinds of outfits.


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