Fuel Up With Diesel: Top 5 Luxury Watches Of Diesel

Luxury Watches Of Diesel

Dozens of watch companies have been innovating for years now, and some of them have produced high-quality timepieces that are worth collecting despite the price they have. Diesel is one of the most sought-out watchmakers in the watch industry because of their watches’ stylistic designs.

The watch collections of Diesel are so vast that you’ll be able to choose whatever type of luxury watch they have that can fit your taste and style. Diesel also sells clothes, bags, and other products, but watches are the best-selling merchandise they have. Check this list of the top 5 luxury watches of Diesel.

Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0 Quartz Blue

If you’re looking for a fashionable-looking luxury watch that doesn’t cost that much, then you should check out Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0. This timepiece comes in different colors, but the best dress watch is the quartz blue dial. You can pair this with formal and casual attire, and it can add beauty to any outfit you’re going to wear.

Diesel Watches are indeed a must-have accessory, and their reputation has made them more popular because of the quality of the products they have. The Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0 is equipped with mineral glass and stainless steel strap. The water-resistant feature is also helpful, especially if the person wearing it loves to travel a lot.

Diesel Ironside Chronograph Gunmetal

Oversized watches have never been this better. The Diesel Ironside Chronograph is the perfect timepiece for people who love wearing oversized watches every day. Big is better, as other people say. That’s why Diesel came up with a luxury watch that has classy looks and durable materials in it.

The Ironside of Diesel has a gunmetal-tone in it that blends perfectly with its dial. Like other Diesel watches, it is also water-resistant, and it can be submerged into the water for at least 50m. The three subdials of this watch help you keep track of time, especially if you’re doing activities that need accurate timing.

Diesel Uber Chief Black Dial Black Leather

Another oversized watch of Diesel has made an impact on the world of watch lovers because of the exquisite and sleek appearance it has. The Uber Chief has various versions, and they all look luxurious enough to captivate anyone’s attention. The bezel of this magnificent timepiece is plated with black ion, and it blends well with the silver case it has.

This accessory is best worn with casual attires, but it can also be a dress watch, depending on the person’s attire. Mixing and matching is the best thing a person can do when wearing this one. Aside from its excellent looks, it also has scratch and water-resistant features that prevent it from obtaining damage.

Diesel SBA Dual Time Chronograph Grey Dial

Diesel is famous for its chronograph watches not just because of their designs but also because of their features. The Diesel SBA Dual Time watch is a one-of-a-kind chronograph watch that every watch enthusiast out there should consider buying. Coming from the SBA series, this beauty right here has a second-time zone feature that makes it unique and handy.

The crown works the same as other timepieces, and it’s very easy to use. In the second marker of this watch, you’ll see a dual-time display positioned in the 9’oclock marker on its dial. It also has luminescent materials in it, which helps a person see the time even when they’re in pitch-black areas.

Diesel Mega Chief Chronograph Champagne Dial

Gold watches can catch anyone’s attention, especially if they’re made by popular watch companies. The Diesel Mega Chief Champagne dial will surely make you look more luxurious because of its gold-tone. This luxury sports watch has tons of exciting features that can be very useful, especially for those who are fans of watches with multiple dials.

The clasp on the band of this watch has a push-button release, and the back case is tightly sealed to prevent water from getting in. Diesel’s signature line, “Only the brave “is also seen in its dial, and the glass on the face of the watch is made out of hard mineral materials, which helps protect the watch from scratches.


Luxury watches are considered a good investment because some tend to become more expensive as the years go by, especially if they’re part of a limited edition collection. You can sell these watches in the future in case you need the money, or you can just keep them and hand it out to the next generation of your family.