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Best Rado Watches

When we talk about luxury watches, the brands that first come into your mind are Rolex, Omega, Jaeger Le-Coultre, and other big brands that usually make the most common choices. Included in this spectrum, albeit not holding a place in the center stage, is another prestigious Swiss brand, Rado. This brand is known for its gold watches that make you look like royalty. It is also known for its world-class precision and durability. If these are your type of watches, this article is for you. Today, we are going to talk about some of the best Rado watches this 2021. Check this out!

1. DiaMaster Thinline

If you are into simplicity with just the right amount of brilliance, this Ceramos watch will be perfect for you. This watch is brought to you by the Rado DiaMaster line. For those who are not yet familiar, Ceramos is the signature material being used by the company. It is a mix of 90% high technology ceramic, and 10% of metal alloy. This is why Rado is the chosen watch for those who prefer a light, comfortable watch. Because of this high-class material, this timepiece is also scratch-proof and will not be damaged that easily. You can also bet that Rado watches will last a lifetime.

2. Original Golden Dial Rado Watch

As we have mentioned, Rado watches are quite known because of their gold watches. This is why it is a sin not to include a gold watch for the best watches from the brand. The Original Golden Dial Rado Watch has the best combination of stainless steel and gold. This watch lives up to the premium standards of a Rado watch with its sophisticated mechanical engineering that feels light on the wrist. It has a stainless-steel case and dial plated with gold. This golden face is protected by a dial window made from sapphire crystal This will keep your watch safe from scratches. It is also anti-reflective.

3. Hyperchrome Stainless Steel & Gold-Tone Ceramic Men’s Watch

If too much gold is not your cup of coffee, maybe this two-tone Rado watch will be for you. The stainless-steel finish of the Hyperchrome Ceramic timepiece elegantly contrasts with its gold-tone. The round case of this gold-tone ceramic watch measures 40mm. This watch will not let you down because it is made to last for a long time with its 50 meters water resistance and Swiss quartz movement.

4. DiaMaster Petite Seconde

If the DiaMaster Thinline caught your attention, you might also be interested in this. The DiaMaster Petite Seconde offers you a classic and one-of-a-kind design with its minimalistic design. It has sleek-looking dials that are clear, readable, and open. What powers up this watch is its Swiss automatic movement. It can last up to 80 hours with 50-meter water resistance. What makes this watch stand out from the rest is its COSC certification. This is an accolade issued by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres—an institute that certifies a Swiss watch’s accuracy and precision. Among all Swiss watches, only 3% are granted, so this means that a watch with this certification is truly superior.

5. Men’s Original Rado Watch

This watch has a few similarities with the Original Golden Dial Watch. It makes sense, though, because it is part of the Original collection. This watch is a modernized version of the 1962 Original edition. The New Original Automatic now is immune to scratches that will keep your watch shiny. Its stainless-steel bracelet flawlessly enjoins with the 38.5mm case to its crown. It also has a sapphire crystal window that protects the watch’s automatic movement.

6. Golden Horse Automatic

This is a remake of the 1957 watch. This is the best watch for those who want a versatile watch. It has a rose gold Ceramos with a ceramic case and bezel made from plasma-high-technology. This watch measures 19mm thick and 41.8mm that has an 80-hour reserve and a water resistance that reaches 50 meters. You can wear this if you are going for that sexy, rugged look, or even when you are out for a formal event, like the Rado Captain Cook.

7. Rado r5.5

Jasper Morrison, the British designer, carefully designed this timepiece which is why we can vouch for its durability. It has bold designs and features with the usual dial window made from sapphire crystal. This became one of the brand’s signature R5 ceramic watches. This is unique with its rounded rectangle figure. It has a quartz movement and water resistance up to 100 feet.

How much are Rado watches?

You might be wondering how much these watches actually cost. For starters, Rado is a luxury brand, so you’re going to need to shell out a few bucks for this investment. Some of the cheapest timepieces from the brand are around $500.00 minimum. But those good pieces are around $2,000. If you want a genuine Rado watch that you can order online, you can check out The Watch Company online for the best deals!

In Conclusion

Here are some of the Rado watches that have grabbed the world’s attention. More Rado watches might suit your style and lifestyle. Just make sure to get them only from reliable shops, like thewatchcompany.com. From sporty watches to elegant and versatile ones, they have got you!


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