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Whether it’s launching your new store or promotional event of the existing one, printing trading products is always a must. From 2D to 3D printing of trade material has taken leaps and bounds of growth. Digital printing is not just for paper or sheets – you can get t-shirts and coffee mugs also printed.

Bulk trading products printed – a simple approach

  • You sign up online to create an account to get access to all the services. However, the registration approval is only for printers and resellers.
  • Ask for free quotes and get the details of the whole price list. There are more than 1000 options to choose from.
  • Place the order by simply uploading your jpeg or image file. You are good to proceed with the order now. Every time your place an order, you receive redeemable reward points.
  • Complete the payment procedure and relax. The printing company handles the shipping, and so you do not worry about it. The final order reaches straight to the clients in safe packages.

Why choose bulk printing?

You can choose one or two samples before getting the entire bulk out. The sample packs are handy for reviewing the final products. You do not pay for the samples. It is ideal for getting the mocks as you can make last-minute changes with colors or content.

However, wholesale printing is cost-effective. Always remember that the cost for printing on one product is higher than doing it on 100 pieces. The entire printing process requires the same operational cost. So, when you order 100+ pieces of a similar order, you save a lot.

The turnaround time is significantly less, making the entire process super-fast. The machine printing is much faster with a bulk order. The colors, chemicals, electricity and other overheads costs are reasonable with large orders.

Bulk printing – Branding and communication materials

Personalized merchandise – Your start-up will call for branding material that communicates the best information and leaves an impact on potential clients. You can create a bold branding experience by delivering small but influential merchandise for every industry sector. It is possible with personalized giveaways and small souvenir pieces like coffee mugs, stationery, t-shirts, and bags.

Promotional items are one of the age-old marketing tools. You can ask for large quantity printing of customized drinkware, promotional apparel, eco-friendly products, and branded stationery with high-quality digital printing solutions.

Bespoke printed direct mails – Communication through direct mailing is one of the most successful and widespread methods. You can get printing of wholesale postcards and mailers for any marketing campaign.

Invitations and announcements – Baby showers, weddings, engagements, or and fundraisers; all the events would require a bulk quantity of printing stationeries. You can ask for custom designs with incredible print quality from leaflets, cards, pamphlets (two-fold or multi-fold), and pop-up cards.

Brochures and booklets – You can order small brochures for any business or booklets for extra information with custom designs. Tiny booklets are the best way to tell the brand story or give technical details about your industry. These promotional products are a perfect combination of graphics, images, and textual content.

Catalogs and publications – Printing company books for a golden jubilee event or to showcase the achievements is trendy. If you require over 100 books for publication, then wholesale order is the best. Although e-commerce and online marketing are in current demand, magazines and business catalogs never run out of use. You can ask to print colored or B/W reference manuals and journals. There are also services to get monthly or weekly printing of such materials.

Seasonal greetings and calendars – Christmas is around the corner, and you want to get in touch with all your employees and clients – ask for colorful and shiny greetings cards. Holiday cards, condolences to the family, fundraising events, and corporate messages are ideal for bulk printing.

Printing a New Year calendar, whether; tabletop, hanging type, single sheet, or flip-type, is a dashing marketing approach for all the employees and potential customers. You can ask for custom designs that show the company’s operational activities, motivational messages, industry designs to make the annual calendar a personal touch.

Packaging material – The first impression of any company is from the packaging material. You get cardboard boxes printed, labels, 3D marketing materials in large quantities. There are specific sizes and shape requirements for every branding – no worries as everything is manageable with bespoke packing materials. You can get high-quality, creative packing with unique ideas and designs. Many retail products offer promotional merchandise in specially designed dimensional boxes and bags. You create the design for trade shows, events, and gifts on occasions.

Banners and signages – Outdoor marketing are crucial and require high-definition printing quality. There are plenty of options to choose from hoardings, flex signs, banners, road displays, unique trade displays, rigid signs, and smaller posters.

Ensure to get the finest quality of digital color printing to leave a bold impact on the public.


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