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Perhaps the most apparent function of dress is to provide warmth and protection. However, many scholars believe that humans’ first crude garments and ornaments were designed not for utilitarian but for religious or ritual purposes. Some garments thought of as beautiful offer no protection whatsoever and may even injure the wearer. Items that identify one wearer can lose their meaning in another time and place. Clothes deemed handsome in one period are declared ugly in the next, and even uniforms—the simplest and most easily identified costume—are subject to change.

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Types Of Dresses


A sleeve is the part of a dress that covers your arm. Sleeves can be short, mid-length, or long. Besides, sleeves can be tight or loose, depending on the style. Sleeves have an opening at the end so that your hand and arm can pass through.


The skirt is the bottom part of a dress, and it covers your body from the waist downwards. Its hemline can vary from micro to floor-length. A dress skirt can be above knee length, knee length, floor length, mini, ankle-length, etc.



A frock is a loose outer garment, similar to a gown that women and children wear. Besides, a coarse shirt-like garment is also considered a dress, and some workmen wear the latter over their clothes.

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A gown is a formal dress. Besides, it’s a one-piece woman’s garment with a close-fitting bodice and a long flared skirt, and it’s a full-length women’s traditional and elegant dress. There are ball gowns, evening gowns, and wedding gowns.

Formal dresses

There are various types of formal events. Thus, formal attire comprises several dress codes, and you must understand their differences to choose the right outfit for each occasion.

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Casual dresses

Casual dresses

Casual dresses are perfect for casual daytime, casual evening events, weekends, casual business events, etc. You can dress up or down depending on the occasion. But mainly, the simple dress code for women is identified with being comfortable and effortlessly chic.

Party dresses

Party dresses consist of clothing that women wear at parties. Since there is a lot of variety regarding parties, the same happens with party dresses. Besides, some parties are more formal than others.

Wedding dresses

The colour and style depend on the culture and the bride’s preferences. Wedding dresses are those worn by brides at their wedding. Most wedding dresses are sleeveless, strapless, and white in Western cultures. However, many wedding dresses in eastern cultures are red.

Unique Dresses

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