Best Home Remedies for Dark Circles & Under Eye Bags

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Dark circles & under eye bags can be most annoying at times especially when you have plans outside & you really want go ‘make-up free’. Try out these tips & DIYs to get rid of dark circles & under eye bags in just a week!

Magic of Some Natural Juices

  • Potato juice has a natural brightening agent. Get some fresh potato juice (1 tbsp.), mix it with some pure aloe Vera gel (1/2 tbsp.) & apply it on your eyes with the help of a cotton ball. Keep it for 10 minutes then rinse with cold water. Repeat this simple process every day.
  • Tomato juice when mixed with an equal amount of lemon juice gives fascinating results in the first use itself. You can also drink a concoction of tomato juice, lemon juice & mint leaves everyday to fade your dark circles & under eye bags in no time.

Three Magical DIY Under Eye Packs

  • Take a pan, put it on the stove on high flame, add a tbsp. of turmeric roast it till it changes the color. Cool it down; add ½ tbsp. of organic aloevera gel. Apply gently under your eyes, keep it for 20 minutes and then wash it. Repeat this process thrice a week for desired results.
  • The second magical under eye pack is: Take a bowl, add ½ tbsp. of curd, 1 tbsp. of coffee powder, add a pinch of turmeric then give it a good mix and refrigerate it for 5 minutes and then apply gently under the eyes, keep it for 20-25 minutes, then wash it off.
  • Third one- take a bowl add 2 tbsp. of organic aloe vera gel, pour 4-5 drops of sweet almond oil, 3 vitamin E capsules then give it a good mix and apply under the eyes every night. You can even store it up to 7-8 days. Wash it off the next morning, you can add a pinch of turmeric in the mix for better results.

After trying these potent home remedies/ DIYs follow up with a good under eye cream twice a day. You can check Deyga’s pure, natural & handcrafted under eye cream only on its official website. Formulated with organic ingredients it provides visible results in just a week of continuous usage.

Tip: Consistency leads you towards the best results.

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