How To Relieve Back Pain Naturally

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Relieve Back Pain Naturally

Physical work or in front of the screen, wrong movement, bad position to sleep or pinched nerve … The causes of low back pain can be multiple and it is first important to prevent them. But when the pain is already installed, you have to learn to repair yourself. So how do you relieve back pain quickly?

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Relieve Back Pain With Heat

In the majority of cases, except in that of sciatica, heat is as effective as an anti-inflammatory for low back pain. Indeed, by dilating the blood vessels, it relaxes the muscles and relieves the tensions responsible for back pain. There are several options for applying a heat source to the painful area.

You have the choice between a hot water bottle or a cushion filled with cherry pits to heat in the microwave (let the heat act for about 20 minutes three times a day, without direct contact with the skin to relieve back pain).

Or even self-adhesive heating patches that you will find in pharmacies. They radiate heat over half a day and you can move around with them, which is quite convenient.

Otherwise, a hot shower or a good bath will help you relax your muscles and [relieve back pain]. Even more so if you dilute a few drops of Arnica essential oil or harpagophytum in it.

Relieve Back Pain With Herbal Medicine

To relieve back pain, certain plants are effective used in massage or even orally in homeopathy.

This is the case with Arnica, a pretty yellow flower from the mountains known for its powerful analgesic properties. Known to doctors since Antiquity, it relieves tendonitis, osteoarthritis and muscle pain, among other things. You can therefore make a cure to relieve back pain. For a faster effect, have a loved one massage you with arnica gel or tiger balm, another folk remedy. Otherwise, you can practice self-massage! You can consult a Atlanta Spine Doctor.

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