Should I Pop Whiteheads or Leave Them Alone?

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Wondering what to do with those pesky whiteheads? Along with pimples and blackheads, whiteheads are one of the most common forms of acne. They develop when dead skin cells, dirt, and sebum clog the pores. But what makes their removal extra challenging is they are open pores, meaning you can’t push them out.

Fortunately, there are ways to handle whiteheads 一 and popping them is not one of them.

Why You Should Not Pop Whiteheads

Popping whiteheads can negatively impact your skin. Thus, the best course of initial action for treatment is to leave them alone.

Touching your face without proper sanitation invites more oil, dirt, and bacteria to the pores. The act of manual extraction of whiteheads poses a risk of the pore rupturing. What happens then is the whitehead components get buried underneath the skin’s outer layer into the dermis. It can then cause irritation that could lead to permanent scarring.

With this, dermatologists often recommend professional extraction for the proper removal of whiteheads. You can also turn to a number of prescription options or over-the-counter products to manage them.

Dermatologist Whiteheads Extraction

Dermatologists extract whiteheads using sterile equipment and specialized techniques. This process reduces the risk of potential scarring and breakout after the removal.

Prescription and Over-the-Counter Products

Your dermatologist can also prescribe you prescription acne treatments. These usually include prescription versions of salicylic acid or oral and topical Retin-A (retinol). You can also easily access over-the-counter products like benzoyl peroxide or gentle exfoliants and face serums & treatments.

Just remember to be careful and gentle in applying these products. Also, don’t ever use them all at once, as this can dry out your skin or even cause irritation. If this happens, skincare products with green tea antioxidants can help reduce facial redness and skin inflammation. It’s best to be patient as whitehead treatment can be a slow process.

Prevention of Whiteheads

As they say, prevention is better than cure. Like with other skin conditions, early prevention is the best path of action. Taking care of your skin can go a long way in whiteheads prevention.

Here are some tips you can try out and incorporate into your routine to reduce the risk of developing whiteheads:

  • Wash your face with lukewarm water and a mild cleanser to remove any impurities from your skin.
  • Be gentle when cleansing your face. Avoid using harsh scrubs to prevent skin inflammation.
  • Make sure to exfoliate at least two times a week to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. Note that excessive exfoliation can cause irritation.
  • Keep your hair clean by regularly washing it to prevent clogging of pores. Also, keep any hair product away from your face.
  • Make sure to remove makeup residue from your face completely.
  • Switch to non-comedogenic skincare products or products with retinol to help with clogged pores.

Final Verdict

While it can be tempting, popping your whiteheads on your own can do more damage than good. The final verdict is to leave them alone and go for safer and more effective options. You can opt for face serums & ampoules that can properly remove whiteheads without risk of scarring and breakout.


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