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Matte Lipstick Write For US

Matte Lipstick Write for Us, Guest Post, Contribute, Submit Post

When buying a matte lipstick, check the oil content so that the lips don’t look chapped. You should apply lip balm to your lips before applying the matte lip stick. Super glossy lips have kind of become a kisser casualty, being replaced by color-rich matte lipsticks. So, beauty trends come and go—R.I.P. everything we adored in the ’90s. Stephanie Flor, a Clinique makeup artist, claims that “matte is almost the only sort of lip we see” in the modern world. Robert Sesnek, a makeup artist, concurs. He painted the pouts of It Girls Olivia Culpo, Amandla Stenberg, and also Hailey Baldwin. I don’t recall ever being asked to make a lip other than a matte lip, he exclaims. What, then, is driving this shift in the zeitgeist for cosmetics? Let’s deconstruct it:

1. Mattes Deliver Big, Bold Color

Your lips are completely painted in just one swipe. The distinctive qualities of a matte formula, explains Scott Miselnicky, Vice President, Global Product Development, Makeup for Clinique. “It has a high pigment powder loading compared to a regular lipstick,” he says. Translation: Tons of eye-catching colour payoff. Flor describes it as “painting with pure colour.” “You can go light on the rest of your makeup, perhaps just brows and cheek colour.” So, this shortcut appeals to celebrities who are always in the spotlight. “It’s so quick and simple,” Sesnek explains. “A girl can put her hair up in a top knot, put on a matte lip, and also slip into jeans and be a fashion hit.”

2. Mattes (Now) Feel Like Lip Balm

In the past, matte lipsticks were known for drying the lips off. (And difficult to apply; felt chalky on lips.) It was because older recipes utilised thick, hazy waxes that needed more of the drying pigment to have a colour impact, according to Miselnicky. However, current waxes are as light as a feather and provide greater clarity, so that is all in the past. What it signifies to you is that: Because there isn’t much need for powder, hydrating ingredients can be added, like the sunflower oil in the brand-new Clinique Pop Liquid Matte Lip Colour + Primer. Sesnek affirms, “The formulas now are 1,000 times better than even just five years ago.”

3. Mattes Makes Lips Look Plush

So, matte lip products focus the attention directly on your lips. “The colour is really vivid and  and also beautiful,” Flor remarks. “It gives my lips the appearance of a fluffy pillow!” They’re also the ideal texture for her tried-and-true full-lip approach. “I use the point of the lipstick bullet to slightly overdraw the natural lip line instead of a lip liner pencil. Mattes hide the line because the rich pigment prevents you from seeing it.” Sesnek takes this trick a step further by lining her lips with a lip colour that is one to two shades darker at the outer edges, resulting in an imperceptible lip contour.

4. Mattes Partner Perfectly With IG-Friendly Highlighter

It’s no accident that some of the most well-liked makeup looks on Instagram feature a matte lip and and also glowy luminizer combination. Sesnek asserts that it doesn’t appear quite right when there is shine all over, including on the lips, cheek, and eyes. So, the balance that a matte lip provides is excellent.

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