The Steps Of A Beauty Routine

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It is essential to do things in order. You do not remove makeup after using a serum, for example.

To get the most out of your different products, you need to follow the steps in order. We are not always told what to do when we buy a new product, use it after, how, etc. Here are the five necessary steps for a smooth beauty routine in the right order.

Do not expect a miracle. It is a routine, so stick to it as much as possible and wait for the skin to regenerate, stabilize its pH, eliminate pollution. The more you support your skin, the brighter and healthier it will be.

The Cleanser

Cleanse your skin. Even if you do not wear makeup, impurities, pollution, all kinds of small dirt get stuck in your pores, and you have to dislodge them. We, therefore, use either a makeup remover, a gentle cleanser, or even micellar water. There are specialized ones based on skin problems (redness, acne, oily, etc.). It’s up to you to select the one that suits you.

The Exfoliant

Do not do every day, but twice a week, this deep cleansing (with or without grains) will leave the skin even softer and more transparent. Be careful to listen to your body. If the skin feels tight or dry, decrease to once a week or every two weeks.

The Lotion

A step which may seem superfluous and which may also be depending on the type of skin. Its main goal: to remove limescale and prepare the skin for the care that follows. There are all kinds of them, to help solve many problems, it’s up to you to find the one that’s right for you.

The Serum

A concentrate of active ingredients is the little boost to support your day cream’s long-term effect. You will find it at all prices and for all problems, be consistent between your products, do not buy just the one that smells good but the one that is suitable for your skin and your problem (redness, fine lines, dull skin, etc. ).

The Eye Area

A step that should not be forgotten and that we may regret if we do not do it in time. It is not when our dark circles fall to the cheeks and fine lines appear that we have to tackle them but well before, to strengthen the fragile skin, allow it to stretch, and counter the effects of fatigue. And time. We recommend to start after 25 years when the skin begins to show signs of fatigue.

It is a specific treatment for this part of the face, so do not apply just anything at the risk of doing worse than better.

Day / Night Cream

We end with what is considered the basis of beauty routines: a moisturizer. We have to take care of our face and allow it to counter the harmful effects it encounters throughout the day: pollution, dirt, junk food, lack of hydration. You have to drink a lot to have beautiful skin.

This routine is part of a desire to follow the skin’s evolution, listen to it, and not hold back on general instructions that may not suit your skin type or problem. It is always a good idea to check with your dermatologist if there is a persistent problem that bothers you or causes you pain.

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