What to Wear as a Guest Attending a Marathi Wedding for the First Time?

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Indian weddings are characterised by fun, frolic, and rituals. Attending a wedding is fun, but it can also make you wonder what to wear if it is your first time attending one. Don’t worry, as we decode what you can wear for a Marathi wedding in this article.

The first and foremost thing to remember about Marathi weddings is that it’s not a single function. Depending on the family, it may extend to even a week. However, most new-age couples are opting to complete all the rituals in a span of 2-3 days for ease and convenience.

Marathi weddings are full of colours and meaningful rituals. One of the striking differences you may observe is that instead of red, Marathi brides prefer yellow or green outfits, and they wear it in the nauvari style.

Choose Your Colours

Now that your friends or relatives have found their match from a Marathi Matrimonial platform, you’ve to start your preparations in advance. You can purchase festive clothes to match the theme of the occasion and stand out from the crowd. However, before you order your outfits, take care to avoid black and white ones. In Hindu customs, black is not an auspicious colour for weddings, while white isn’t recommended for women. However, men can still go with white or off-white kurtas without much fuss.

Bright And Beautiful

Marathi weddings are beautiful and simple at the same time. In Marathi weddings, the Haldi ceremony is called Halad Chadavane, where married women apply turmeric paste with mango leaves on the groom’s forehead, shoulders, hands, and feet. Later, the turmeric paste is taken to the bride, and the ritual is repeated. If you’re attending this fun-filled ceremony, you can opt for a yellow outfit to match the occasion. While girls and women can look for a bright yellow lehenga or sarees, men can wear a yellow or orange kurta pyjama.

The Mehendi is your chance to have fun. You can use prints and colours, and you can be a bit adventurous, too. For the Sangeet, look for outfits that allow for a lot of movement.

For men, the Sangeet calls for a bandhgala jacket with formal trousers with the pocket square adding a pop of colour.

 Fun With Ethnic

The Marathi wedding rituals include several pujas and vows, some of which include the Ganpati Puja and the Gurihar Puja.

It is ideal to opt for ethnic attire during the wedding. Women can choose colourful sarees in silks with intricate inlays and designs. However, it would be good if women select sarees that are not green or yellow to avoid conflicting with the bridal outfit. When going ethnic, ensure that you accessorise it well with traditional ornaments. Gold, Kundan, diamonds, and precious metals would add an extra dazzle to your outfit.

Youngsters can opt for lehengas and cholis and pair them up with long earrings and chokers. They can opt for vibrant colours as well if they want to stand out in the crowd.

Bangles are the major attraction in weddings, and while youngsters can go for gold-plated or gold bangles, married women prefer to add colourful glass and ivory bangles to add to their look. A bindi can add a traditional touch, and you can select a bindi or an ornate sticker for your forehead. You can also use headpieces, bright purses and clutch to add to the glow.

The Comfort Factor

For men, choosing an outfit to attend a Marathi wedding is not very cumbersome. They can add some zing into their wardrobe by opting for bright and bold colours. However, try to avoid jeans and go for kurta pyjamas, shirts, and jackets instead. There are several jackets that you can pair up to give yourself an extra smart look. Whether you’re wearing a traditional sherwani or a suit, look for an outfit that’s formal yet bright.

If you are accompanying the groom, ensure that you wear clothes and footwear that fit you comfortably, since as part of the baraat, everyone in the groom’s party is expected to move and shake a bit, grooving to rhythmic beats. In some weddings, guests are seated on the floor cross-legged, which makes wearing loose and comfortable clothing essential.

If this is your first Marathi wedding, the length of the ceremony may surprise you. Hence, you should wear something that doesn’t take away from your comfort. You can choose simple attire for the wedding and go for all black for the reception as guests and the couple go for a dress change for the party. You can also stick to pastels during the day and choose jewel tones for the night.

Dress To Kill

You’re never overdressed in an Indian wedding, and you need not worry if you want to go all out with your ensembles, jewellery, and makeup. While bright colours are preferred, you can choose a colour that showcases your individuality. There are no tough rules, and you should have fun with your outfits. Girls can try palazzos, Anarkali skirts, and suits, among other options.

You can also buy pre-stitched sarees with ruffles to avoid having to deal with pleating. Carry a few kaftans and Kurtis, which you can use for the after-parties, high teas, and in between events. Typically a kurta and slim pants will do the trick for these occasions.

In Conclusion

All in all, a Marathi wedding is a great opportunity to bring out your prized outfits and show them off during a week of fun festivities. With this guide, you must now have an idea of what to wear for your first Marathi wedding, so head out and start making your big purchases!

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