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If your feet could choose whether to wear shoes or not, they’d probably opt to go barefoot. But if they had to choose what to wear, what kind of footwear do you think your feet would pick?

Your Feet Want Healthy Footwear

Footwear can seriously impact your health. What you wear on your feet should provide support for your feet, ankles, legs, and back. Sliders are one of the healthiest choices for your feet. Unlike flip-flops, sliders provide support for the arch of your feet which protects your muscles and ligaments from stress. They cushion your heels, and the pad of your feet, avoiding inflammation, and back problems. As sliders are open, your feet won’t get the calluses, blisters, and bunions they get from tightly closed shoes. Too short, or too narrow shoes can even lead to foot deformities. And as sliders come in brilliant colors, like glitter-covered, polka dots, and pink sliders, your sliders even have a healthy impact on your mental state! Every time you look down and see the happy colors of your sliders, it will put a smile on your face!

Your Feet Want to Breathe

Your feet want to get some fresh air! They want to be able to breathe, and not be confined to closed shoes all day. Imagine being packed in a shoe for hours. No air, no circulation, and no room to move. The result is usually sweating feet. Not to mention the smell. And regularly letting feet sit in their own sweat creates a breeding ground for athletes’ foot. Feet have about 250,000 sweat glands, and can produce about a pint of moisture a day! If feet could choose their own footwear, they’d ask for space and air. Your feet won’t sweat in sliders, and to help them smell good, Freedom Moses sliders have a scent of milk and honey. So let your feet breathe.

Your Feet Want Support

Your Feet Want Support

To get healthy support, your feet want a thick soul that protects you from the ground and adds support. Flat, flip-flops add no support to the foot. The vegan shoes that offer the right support can even give relief for tired feet. The sustainable PCU plastic used in the souls of Freedom Moses sliders is injected with air. This unique technology provides a feeling of support and comfort. Do your feet a favor and give them a good pair of sliders that offer the support they need.

Your Feet Want to Feel Comfortable

A good pair of sliders can give you comfort throughout the day, even if you spend most of the time on your feet. Comfort means not having to battle with buckles, straps, laces, and zippers. Just slip your feet in and slide out the door.  Their versatility makes them easy to slip on and off, and the range of colors and styles make sliders great for home, work, and fun. In fact, with a comfortable pair of sliders, your feet might even think they’re going barefoot! If you want extra comfort, wear socks with your sliders – why not, it’s in style now.

Your Feet Want To Be Happy

That’s right, your feet want to be part of your look. They want to be dressed up in colorful prints, bright splashes of color, and crazy prints. Slip into a pair of pink sliders if you want to feel cool and calm, or shake things up with snake print, floral patterns, or neon colors. Whatever goes with your outfit. Or let your footwear standout by itself to make a statement.

Your Feet Want to Be Kind To The Environment

When you’re picking what to put on your feet, be aware that some manufacturers don’t care about hurting the environment to make a buck. Let your feet feel proud to wear the shoes you’ve chosen by checking the shoe company’s ethical policies. You don’t want fancy footwear at any cost, so ensure that you buy from a company that pays employees a fair wage, insists on diversity and equality in their factories, and doesn’t harm animals or the environment while making your footwear. Let your feet feel proud!

Choose The FootWear Your Feet Would Ask You For

Well feet can’t choose their own footwear, but you can do it for them. So make the right choice, be kind to your feet, and make them happy, with a great pair of sliders. Give your feet comfortable, healthy footwear that allows them room to move, air to breathe, and lets them show off in cool designs. Your favorite coral, mint, lilac, silver, cherry, or pink sliders, will put a smile on your face, and a skip in your stride. But most of all sliders are the footwear your feet would choose.

So, You should take care of your feet in any season because feet are also one of the body parts. If you don’t, maybe you are at risk of health issues, so focus on these things and make your life better.


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