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Want Better Brows

Your brows are in need of a makeover, and you’re not sure where to start. Look at these incredible brow trends hitting the beauty world by storm and get inspired.

Brow Lifts:

You’ve seen the enviable arches of supermodel Bella Hadid and wondered how to get them for yourself — you’re in luck! The Botox brow lift trend could help you tweak your brows and lift your arches.

How does it work? Botox is a neuromodulator — this means that it can block the signals between nerves and muscles. Botox stops the nerves from telling the muscles to contract. In the case of a brow lift, strategic injections in the forehead can get the forehead muscles to relax and bring the brow higher.

The results of a Botox brow lift are temporary. If you really like the results, you can keep up with your Botox sessions, or you can choose to make the change permanent with a surgical brow lift. Brow lifts will raise the brows to this high arched position and keep them there. You might be surprised to learn that lots of millennials are getting surgical brow lifts instead of using Botox over and over.

Where can you get a surgical brow lift? If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, you should look into this clinic for plastic surgery in Mississauga and book a consultation. The world-class clinic can provide this specific surgical treatment for patients that want to have beautifully arched brows for more than a few months. You can keep your brows looking great for years to come.

Brow Lamination:

Have you always wanted thicker, fuller brows? Then brow lamination could be the perfect trend for you. Brow lamination is a cosmetic treatment that uses a perm solution on your brow hairs to make them lie flat. When the hairs are relaxed and straight, they look longer. The brows look fuller and fluffier.

Brow Bleaching:

You might’ve noticed brow bleaching as one of the latest beauty trends to hit the scene. Your social media feed is full of edgy MUAs, influencers and Hollywood celebrities sporting the bold look. Everyone from Victoria Pedretti to Maisie Williams has recently shown off their barely-there brows.

If you want to look just as chic as these celebs, you should get your brows bleached by a professional. There are DIY bleaching kits, but you should skip them. You don’t want to mess up the colouring and end up with bright orange brows.

Brow Mapping:

Do you ever squint in the mirror and realize that one of your arches is higher, or one of the tails is just a few hairs too short? Then, you should look into brow mapping before getting your next appointment for waxing, threading or microblading. It’s a shaping technique that will leave you with symmetrical brows that are perfect matches for your face.

How does brow mapping work? The specialist uses a mathematical formula called the golden ratio to measure the proper placements for your brows. Think of your brows as a mysterious equation. This ratio guides the specialist to get the correct answer.

Don’t settle for basic brows. Find the trend that you like best and start your brow makeover right away.


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