Suboxone treatment for Opioid addiction – Vital benefits to keep in mind before undergoing treatment

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Suboxone treatment for Opioid addiction

Opioid addiction used to be an isolated complexity even a decade back. However, with the increased use of prescription medications and the availability of over-the-counter drugs, it has become one of the most significant problems. According to a recent WHO estimation, over 15 million people are suffering from opioid addiction globally. What is even more shocking is that out of this collection, around 2.1 million are Americans.

Quitting any form of addiction has always been a tough ask. It requires a lot of willpower and professional care. However, even with all the support systems in place, opioid treatment will often include MAT or medical-assisted treatment. Usually, methadone is the drug of choice for combating the effects of opioid addiction and the associated withdrawal symptoms.

According to Dr.Fettman’s suboxone clinic, an expert in opioid addiction treatment, methadone can have several side effects. However, there are distinct advantages of choosing Suboxone over methadone, and here is a comprehensive list for your perusal.

Low abuse risk

The goal for addiction treatment is complete recovery from the addiction. So, it doesn’t make sense to undergo a costly and challenging therapy only to substitute opioids with a different drug. That is the problem you face with methadone-assisted treatment. So, how is Suboxone different, you ask? For starters, Suboxone contains the compound naloxone, which is the medication that enables the reversal of opioid overdoses. So, no individual can abuse Suboxone to substitute for the effects of opioids. Also, intravenous usage of Suboxone is virtually impossible as it will immediately cause the onset of withdrawal effects in opioid users.

Suboxone is accessible

Methadone is highly regulated, which means the only way you can get your hands on a batch is through a professional rehab center. Keep in mind that rehabilitation centers are costly, and you will have to get into the residential program. On the other hand, suboxone treatment doesn’t require you to check-in at the center. You can carry out your day-to-day life and activities while undergoing addiction treatment.

High rates of success

As stated in the previous section, suboxone treatment results in a decrease in the need for use. The most important fact is that Suboxone fills the same opioid receptors in the brain without giving the patient any “high.” It means suboxone use can decrease your opioid cravings through a natural process without the crippling withdrawal effects. It is also important to remember that Users cannot lower suboxone doses quickly but gradually wean off them.


Methadone is seen as the better option out there when it comes to cost-effectiveness. However, with all things considered, with Suboxone, you are getting better treatment for your money’s worth. Remember that there are generic versions of Suboxone available as well, and it qualifies for insurance coverage.

It is vital to remember that rehab and medically-assisted therapy is the way to go. Suboxone treatment can provide you with peace of mind like never before. All the best!


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