Top 6 Longines Watches To Look Out For This Spring

Top 6 Longines Watches

Spring is almost upon us, and that means the fashion industry will debut its spring collection. One of these companies is Longines, a Swiss luxury watch company that’s been in the industry for decades. Here are their top six luxury watches to look out for from their spring release.

Master Collection Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch

The Master Collection by Longines is one of the watches you should check out. This automatic watch is perfect for aficionados who like simple yet elegant designs and people who want a watch that can go with any outfit, from a three-piece suit to semi-casual clothes.

This dress watch has a black leather band that goes well with formal wear like a tux, especially with black leather shoes. The stainless steel frame that envelops the mechanism of the watch ensures its longevity and durability. Adding the silver roman numerals as indices and silver hands on the black dial completes the watch’s refined look.>

Heritage Military Marine Nationale Automatic Beige Dial Men’s Watch

The next one on this list looks and feels like an heirloom piece. The Heritage Military Marine Nationale has a semblance of an antique or vintage watch that could’ve belonged to your great grandfather. If you didn’t know it was a new watch from Longines, you would’ve guessed it was passed down from generation to generation.

What’s best about this watch is that it looks aged on purpose. Even the numbered indices’ design and the Longines logo’s font in the middle feel like it was made almost two centuries ago. Add those on top of the dial that look like it aged and became off-white/beige through the years, and you’ll get a timepiece worth keeping for the years to come.

Conquest Quartz Black Dial Stainless Steel Men’s Watch

If you’re looking to buy a diver’s watch to use or to collect.

Then this next model might be the answer you’re waiting for. The Conquest Quartz is one of the best luxury diver’s watches released by Longines this Spring.

The stainless steel band has a two-tone element on it with the polished, metallic-steel color combined with the opulent essence of rose gold. Additionally, the blending of the black dial and the rose gold indices and hands adds another layer of grandiose to the watch.

La Grande Classique de Longines Quartz Unisex Watch

This next watch does not disappoint its namesake. The La Grande Classique by Longines is a dress watch that’s fit for everyone. With a minimalist design, as do all dress watches should have, its simplicity doesn’t take anything away from the luxurious atmosphere it gives off.

The strap liveĀ  made from steel, and it has a somewhat lattice design. The frame live also made of solid steel to securely house the watch’s inner workings. Silver linear indices circle the blue dial and are paired with a silver hour and minute hands. Having a diameter of only twenty-four millimeters, it is one of the smallest watches on this list.

DolceVita Quartz Silver Dial Ladies Watch

This next one is exclusively for the ladies, so if you’re a woman looking for a new watch.

A guy hoping to give your lady friend a good timepiece.

Then you should keep an eye out for this watch.

The DolceVita Quartz is the only rectangular-shap watch on the list.

Although having a unique shape sets it apart from the others, the Longines elegance and sophistication can still remain seen. It is mainly made out of stainless steel, from it band to the frame.

Jewelle rocks can also remainĀ  seen around the edge, highlighting the blue tinge of the Roman numeral indices and the hands.

Lyre Automatic White Dial Ladies Watch

The last watch on this list live also specifically made for women. The Lyre Automatic from Longines is the ideal watch for ladies who want to attract others’ attention. With its reddish-gold and metallic silver combination, it will surely catch everyone’s eyes.

It has a twenty-five diameter case which makes it the biggest ladies’ watch on the list.

As mentioned above, the band is metallic silver because of the stainless steel.

And the reddish gold parts come from the red PVD coating, which adds durability and higher resistance to wear and tear.


There you have it. The top six Longines watches to look out for this spring. There are many more watches that’ll debut with these six, so if you don’t fancy any of them, you can still browse the other ones.