Top 10 Tips To Prevent Drug Relapse: By Addiction Recovery Experts

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Drug Relapse!

When you have already made the decision of opting for a healthier and peaceful life without any weakness towards substance abuse, relapse is one of the toughest challenges you are going to face in your journey of quitting drugs.

The journey is not at all easy; however, with the help of drug rehabilitation and detox centers, your journey will be much easier. If you are looking for a detox center, you should have a look at

Top Tips To Prevent Drug Relapse

As we have mentioned earlier, relapsing is one of the toughest things you have to overcome when you have decided to quit substance abuse. Here are some effective tips, which you should try to combat the relapsing period.

Avoid Temptations

The very first and major thing you have to do is avoid or ignore temptation. It is the temptation and greed which make us do wrong things. So you have to be very careful about all those negative feelings.

In order to avoid temptations, you should stop going to places where there is a chance of relapsing, or also stop spending time with those people who are into substance abuse or Drug addiction. You also have to learn to control your feelings here.

Create A Schedule

When you are recovering or have completed the recovery process, you need to pay some extra attention to creating a proper schedule. From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, your life should have a proper schedule.

When you engage yourself with the daily activities and schedules like having your meals at the proper time, doing some exercise, indulging in meditation, and going for a refreshing walk, you will be able to stay away from drug relapse.

Change Your Environment

Your surrounding environment plays a huge role in developing any sort of addiction and also takes part in your recovery journey. The way the circumstances have made you dive into substance abuse or drug addiction, the same way it can get you a new life.

Here you also have to be willing to change the environment and have to change it. For example, if the job pressure is your reason for addiction, you can switch to another place, where you will have job satisfaction and peace of mind.

Do Not Panic

Panic triggers any type of addiction or substance abuse. Whether it is alcohol, drugs, or smoking, when you will panic, you will end up with the old addiction without even noticing it. So, panic is one of your major enemies in your recovery journey.

In order to deal with panic, you can try meditation and other healthy activities. If required, consulting with a professional psychiatrist is also a great option to overcome the fear or panic. Always believe in yourself and stop panicking.

Eat Healthily

Your eating habit is another thing you have to pay attention to. Any type of substance abuse affects your health and eating habits. So when you are recovering from it, you also have to develop healthier eating habits.

It will not only help you to keep up with the recovery process, getting a healthy body and mind but also help you in avoiding drug relapse. You have skipped the nutrition part during your addiction time; now it is time to repay it.


As we have mentioned earlier, having a proper schedule will help you in your recovery journey. In the same way, exercise plays a huge role in dealing with drug relapse. Along with your physical health, exercise also helps you maintain a healthy mental condition.

Apart from that, exercise creates positivity within us. That positivity will help you to deal with tough situations in a wiser way. As a result of it, you will not only be able to handle situations better and stay healthy but also be able to combat relapsing.

Build A Support Network

Substance abuse recovery is not a matter of joke. Thus, having some moral support always makes the entire journey easier and a little less painful. When you are recovering, you need to make sure that you surround yourself with the right supportive people.

Here, we also have some responsibilities to offer the moral support a patient is required. We should help them get a support network, which will be with them no matter what. This support network will also help you overcome drug relapse.

Go With Meaningful Activities

The basic thing when you are changing any bad habit is to replace it with other better activities. It is also applicable here in your substance abuse recovery process. Instead of your old abuse habit, you should go with some meaningful activities.

For initial volunteering in a rehabilitation or detox center is actually an excellent idea. Here you will be able to help those people who are also struggling with drug abuse, just like the way you used to. Assisting them in their recovery will bring meaning to your life and help you get a better life without relapsing.

Avoid Complacency

Above all, you can not let the importance of your entire recovery fall to the wayside. In spite of strong rehabilitation treatment and the bunch of initial motivations, the stress of life can ruin everything and anything in just a snap.

So, here you have to avoid complacency. After a hectic and stressful week, take a break from all those stresses. Every time you choose not to work actively on recovery, you are actually adding to a buildup, which will increase your craving.

Practice Mindfulness

Just the way you are scheduling your daily activities, indulging yourself in volunteering activities will help you in your recovery journey; practicing mindfulness is another one you should go with. Opt for meditations.

You also can select anyone from a  wide range of techniques of practicing meditation—some short exercises, which will help you in focusing on physical presence, breathing exercise, or environment. Concentrate on how a few breaths feel.

Get A Healthy Life

Keep all these things in your mind when you are working on recovery from drug abuse. These tips will help you to keep your cravings at bay, and you will be able to fight against relapsing. Quit on substance abuse and get a healthier life.


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