Top 4 Tips that Will Help You to Hydrate Your Skin

As the weather becomes colder, your skin might start getting more vulnerable to itchiness and dryness. While using moisturizers, serums, and toners are great for hydrating your skin, you should also focus on hydrating your skin from inside-out too. Your skin requires specific nutrients to repair and heal, and these operate on an unprecedented level to keep your skin supple and smooth.

The MNF or natural moisturizing factor of the skin works as a protective layer that protects your skin from various damages and maintains the moisture level. Maintaining a healthy diet will keep your skin hydrated. Remember that your skin is made up of a lipid layer of moisture as well as collagen. Even though moisturizers will help your skin, but if the moisture barrier is damaged, you should fix that first.

In this article, we will discuss the top 4 tips to hydrate your skin.

Drink Plenty of Water

Since most of the functions in your body are controlled by water, it plays an important role in hydrating your skin cells as well as damaged cells. Not to mention, water will transport the necessary nutrients while removing the toxins from your skin. Additionally, water helps the skin cells to plump. This is an important factor you need to consider to prevent dehydration in the skin. Make sure you eat fruits with high water content such as cantaloupe, musk melon, watermelon, celery, and spinach.

Increase Your Consumption of Vitamin D

If you don’t provide enough Vitamin D to your body, your skin will be dried as it won’t receive enough amounts of fat-soluble vitamins. Apart from that, it also triggers the skin receptors that are responsible for boosting the formation of the skin barrier. Hence, if you notice that your skin is getting drier, you need to increase your intake of Vitamin D. You can also choose Vitamin D supplements and they will also provide sufficient Vitamin D for your body.

If you notice that you’re your dryness problems aren’t recovering, you should consider radiant skin care from Juara as it will help you to hydrate your skin.

Use Your Favorite Oil While Showering

Natural oils are one of the best ways of hydrating your skin. Not only they will repair the damages to the skin barrier but also improves the quality and smoothness of the skin. This is why people shower with oil in winter. Apart from coconut oil and olive oil, you can also use other natural oils extracted from jojoba, and avocado. As per Verywellhealth, coconut oil contains antioxidants that repairs the skin barrier.

Include Omega-3 Foods in Your Diet

Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in fishes and they will help you to improve the hydration of your skin. It will also maintain the regulation of oil in your skin. However, keep in mind that Omega-3 fatty acid supplements aren’t great for your skin as they sometimes cause toxicity. Hence, make sure that you eat plenty of fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. This way you can boost natural consumption. Not only it will improve the skin barrier but also maintain the lipid content of the skin.


These are the top 4 tips to hydrate your skin. Remember that the hydration of skin is extremely important. So, make sure you maintain your skin thoroughly in winter.