The Best Chest Exercises In Bodybuilding

The Best Chest Exercises In Bodybuilding

Build Up The Pectorals

The pecs are one of the muscles very popular with bodybuilders, and that’s understandable. Thick and broad pecs with a perfect abdominal strap are often one of the first goals. So I said that sharing the best pectoral exercises with you was an exciting thing for you to progress faster. In bodybuilding, knowledge of exercises is a basis for building the pectorals. You will have to perform them using different training techniques to shock them and break more and more muscle fibers in your pectoral area.

The Pectoral Muscles

The pectorals are made up of several bundles. Each part can be developed using specific exercises.

The Large Pectoral And Its Bundles

The upper bundles are the upper part of the pectorals. It starts from the collarbone.

The pectoralis major medial part is the largest area of ​​the pecs, often a source of the rib cage’s right thickness.

The lower bundles of the pectorals are the lower part of the pectoralis major. Exercises like the decline press are often used to distinguish the lower chest from the start of the abdominal strap.

Why Work The Pectorals In Bodybuilding?

Let’s face it the pectorals are a muscle group that we all want to develop. A thick rib cage means power. Pleasant to work out Strength training exercises for the pectorals are often the first exercises you will do. Let’s get down to business and immediately tackle the description of the best pecs exercises to strengthen the pecs.

The Best Chest Exercises

Dumbbell bench press, a pec exercise for thickness

A pectoral exercise is considered a basis with the bar bench press; it allows a more fantastic execution range than its counterpart.

Execution of the movement: Starting position, lying on a horizontal bench, dumbbells in hand, elbows bent parallel to the floor. Raise the load vertically until your arms are practically straight and join the dumbbells. Then come back down while controlling the load while bending your elbows.

Muscles worked: You mainly work the pectoralis major, the shoulder, and the triceps’ anterior part.


You can also perform this chest exercise by rotating the handles at the end of the concentric phase.


Avoid lowering your elbows too low. They must remain parallel to the ground.

Bench Press, An Unmistakable Pectoral Muscle-Building Exercise

This exercise constitutes a basis in muscle building of the pectorals. No doubt you’ve heard of it before.

The movement’s execution: Starting position, lying on your back on a flat horizontal bench with your feet firmly placed on the ground for stability and balance. Eyes under the bar. Position the hands with spacing more excellent than the width of the shoulders. Unhook the bar and descend, controlling the load up to the chest. Develop the bar, then breathe out at the end of the movement.

Muscles worked: The bench press is a pectoral exercise that uses all of the pecs such as the pectoralis major, the pectoralis minor, and the anterior part of the shoulder and the triceps.


You can perform this pectoral strength training exercise on a guided frame to secure yourself. It allows initially to concentrate on the movement without the notion of balance and stability.


Avoid practicing this exercise of pecs with too heavy loads when you begin. Also, limit its use if you have long forearms because the pectoralis major’s stretch will be maximum.

Inclined bar press to develop the pecs in their high portion

Here Is An Exercise To Strengthen The Pectorals In A Targeted Manner

Execution of the movement: Sitting on a bench at 45 °, eyes under the bar. Grasp the bar overhand with a space greater than shoulder-width apart. Unhook the bar and go down to the chest, then go up.

Muscles worked: You mainly work the upper bundles of the pectoralis major, the anterior part of the shoulder, and the triceps.


This chest exercise can be done with a guided frame.


Be sure to control the movement.