The 10 Most Expensive Watches in the World

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Most Expensive Watches in the World

Watches are real jewels. And it must be said that some models cost much more than diamond necklaces. Discover, through this top 10, the most expensive watches in the world.

The hallucination of Graff Diamonds

In the first place is the Hallucination watch by Graff Diamonds. One hundred ten carats of colored diamonds carved into an actual work of art. What would its price be? $55 million.

The fascination of Graff Diamonds

Still from Graff Diamonds, the Fascination watch brings together 152.96-carat diamonds, topped with a 38.13-carat D. Flawless diamond. It is sold for $ 40 million.

201 Carats of Chopard

Thirdly, they were sold at $ 25 million, the 201 carats Chopard is made of 3 colored heart-shaped diamonds, surrounded by white and yellow diamonds for a very artistic result.

Henry Graves Supercomplication by Patek Philippe

As its name suggests, this signature from Patek Philippe is distinguished by its complications, 24 horological complications. This pocket jewelry was sold at Sotheby’s in 2014 for $ 24.3 million.

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Jacob & Co billionaire

Following, this Jacob & Co watch is an impressive composition, with a white gold body adorned with 260-carat diamonds. Its selling price is $ 18.8 million.

Kallania by Vacheron Constantin

Subsequently, this work by Vacheron Constantin pays tribute to the Kallista watch, which blew out its 30th candle in 2009. In white gold, it is adorned with 186 diamonds weighing 170 carats in total.

Snow White Princess Diamond Watch by Mouawad

Very feminine, this princess watch was also made in gold and is set with 223 diamonds of 106,393 carats in total. It’s price is $ 6.8 million.

Ref 1527 from Patek Philippe

In addition to its Supercomplication, Patek Philippe returns to the rankings in eighth place with Ref 1527. An 18-karat rose gold watch that retails for $ 5,708,885.

Big Bang 5 million Hublot

Consequently, it is an exceptional watch made with 1,282 diamonds weighing 140 carats in total. This jewel is rumored to have been a gift from singer Beyoncé for her husband, Jay-Z. Its price is $ 5 million.

Ref 130 from Patek Philippe

At the end of this top 10, but far from being the cheapest in the world, is the Patek Philippe Ref 130. A watch manufactured in 1927 which especially stands out for its scarce button. It sells for $ 4,987,383.


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