8 Methods for Taking Care of a New Tattoo

Bad treatment will eventually bark your new tattoo! So, future (s) and young tattooed (s), here are ten tips to take care of your tattoo.

Listen to the Tattoo Artist

If you have chosen a good tattoo artist (we hope!), they will give you specific instructions, which you should follow to the letter.

Tattoo artists want your tattoo to heal correctly and do well; they will only give you good advice.

First Aid

The day after your tattoo, remove the bandage.

Then wash your tattoo with lukewarm water (not hot) and with a neutral pH soap or soap for intimate hygiene to remove all blood residues, ink.

Then wipe with a clean towel!

Healing Care

After carefully washing the tattoo, it is advisable to apply an ointment, generally recommended by your tattoo artist (if not by your pharmacist), to keep the tattoo permanently hydrated.

While healing, it is essential to keep the tattoo slightly damp. If you let it dry, it could lead to scabbing. Make sure it is always hydrated.

Wash Your Hands with Soap before Touching Your Tattoo

It’s new, it’s beautiful, you’re happy with it, but stop touching it!

In any case, before touching it, wash your hands thoroughly until the tattoo has healed. Do the same thing before applying the cream or ointment.

Do Not Scratch the Scabs

Scabs are part of the normal healing process. The dead skin on the tattoo needs to come off. It will itch, but don’t scratch! You could damage your tattoo by scratching it.

Tolerate your pain!

No Swimming Pool, Spa, or Sauna!

The swimming pool, sea, Jacuzzi, spa, and sauna are to be avoided during the healing period.

Do not bathe for at least two weeks as this will wash away the ink from your tattoo and damage its appearance.

No Sport

The tattoo is an open wound, so you must avoid sweating and blows for good healing! This advice is especially valid when it comes to large tattooed areas.

No Sun

If your tattoo is on the part of the body exposed to direct sunlight, sunscreen is mandatory. And ideally, it’s best to avoid sun exposure entirely.

UV rays can reduce the intensity of the colors and deteriorate the design.

So avoid them for 2 to 3 months!

What if you don’t like your tattoo?

Yes, this could happen sometimes. Time goes by and your tattoo doesn’t seem that interesting anymore. What should you do now? Lucky you, today’s technology is improved and now tattoo removals are a piece of cake. Great example is the Los Angeles tattoo removal center. Laser technology will make you feel no pain, it’s quick and secure. Don’t put yourself down because of one tattoo. You can always remove it and do another one after a good process of thinking!