6 Reasons to Switch to an Electric Smoker

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Do electric smokers give you that same authentic barbecue taste? Or do they not? Are you planning to buy one but having doubts? Well then, in this article, we have gathered six reasons to help you decide to switch to an electric smoker rather than sticking to what’s the usual, old-fashioned prejudice of smoking. We’ll also answer some if not all of your lingering questions about electric smokers.

#1 They are beginner-friendly.

Smoking for beginners can be very challenging and requires too much attention to detail and effort to achieve a successful outcome. These challenges may lead you to quit doing it all. After all, it’s not easy to make constant adjustments. With so much trial-and-error on the first try, it causes people to get discouraged too soon.

Ease of use is a significant factor in buying any kind of product that will provide you services, especially as a beginner. So if you can operate an electric oven, you won’t have any problem using electric smokers. You can simply set your desired temperature along with your desired length of time without so much to consider.

No need to worry; the results will definitely satisfy your expectations. Then, you’ll be familiar with the processes smoking undergoes and become an expert on it.

#2 They cost you lesser than others.

Be it upfront or operating costs, electric smokers are a lot less costly than other smokers. You will surely save a lot if you compare it to others. How so? Well, aside from electric smokers being cheap in the market, electricity is cheaper than propane, wood chips or pellets are cheaper than wood chunks, and every feature you’ll consider will only let you save more.

Thanks to the vertical design majority of the electric smokers have, more food per session can be placed and cooked at once which means, fewer expenses and more savings. That being said, only buy quality and reliable electric smokers from trusted brands to ensure that you won’t be buying another one any time soon.

#3 They are allowed despite fire bans.

Fire bans and lots of cooking restrictions are a real spoiler in condos or apartments. Even in condos and in flats, electric smokers are surely allowed and safe. But if you are still a bit in doubt, you can also check on it first to your building’s rules and regulations to avoid paying fines.

#4 They are more environmentally friendly.

No one can argue that other means of smoking like charcoal and propane burns dirty and releases amounts of nasty stuff to our dear environment. With an electric smoker, you won’t contribute to that since the only thing that burns inside them is wood chips. These are definitely harmless to our environment and to the food itself.

#5 They are easy to clean and maintain.

Electric smokers burn so cleanly that there is almost nothing left to clean at the end of every smoking session you do. They are usually made with stainless steel, which can help easily maintain them too—no more additional workload for you.


Overall, it’s a great idea to switch to electric smokers because of their functionality and safety. They’re a well-designed appliance, especially if you’re just starting and only have limited time to cook.


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