Choosing the Most Suitable Hair Oil for Your Tresses

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Hair Oil for Your Tresses

Hair oils are essential oils that provide potent and ample nutrients and benefits for hair growth, making them the primary ingredients of hair growth serums. However, you can’t only use any essential oil on your hair since every woman differs in hair type and condition. A wrong move in your hair care routine can cause a significant hair fiasco. Therefore, it is vital to choose the right kind of essential oil to cater to your hair care needs.

What essential oils would best suit your hair growth concern? Discover the best hair oil for every hair growth issue.

The Best Hair Oils for Treating Hair Growth Conditions

Here are four essential oils that you can use to treat specific hair and scalp problems.

1. Coconut oil for dry hair strands

Having dry tresses is one of the most common hair growth problems among women due to prolonged exposure to heat-styling tools and hair dye chemicals. Coconut oil is a heavenly treatment for your parched and lifeless locks. Fatty acids from the greasy coconut extract help restore your hair’s structure by coating your hair cuticles, thereby preventing moisture loss from happening again. As a result, moisture is preserved, and your hair becomes softer and more hydrated.

2. Tea tree oil for dry and flaky scalp

Your scalp’s condition is also vital in producing healthy strands. If you are suffering from dandruff problems, you need tea tree oil that best prevents dandruff formation and relieving itchy pate. This plant-derived substance has antifungal properties that help kill the dandruff-causing fungus called Malassezia. Tea tree oil also aids in unclogging your pores to inhibit oil build-up from attracting fungi and causing dandruff.

3. Jojoba oil for greasy hair

Your scalp produces natural oils or sebum as a way of moisturizing your hair. However, factors such as an unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, and inappropriate hair care regimen can mess up your sebaceous glands’ oil production. As a result, your scalp becomes extra greasy, and it doesn’t look and feel pleasing.

Contrary to people’s misconceptions, oily substances can actually treat your oily hair problem. In fact, some essential oils are even beneficial in regulating your scalp’s sebum production, with jojoba oil being an excellent example. When you apply jojoba oil, a substance extracted from jojoba seeds, it moisturizes your scalp, which also serves as a signal for your sebaceous glands to halt its oil production. It also coats your tresses, retaining enough moisture to last throughout the day.

4. Rosemary oil for hair regrowth

When your hair looks voluminous, it gives an impression of having healthy tresses. So if you have been worrying about your decreasing hair strands, you may need to use rosemary oil to solve that problem right away. A 2015 study conducted by European researchers showed that participants who used rosemary oil had better hair growth results than those who used minoxidil, another hair regrowth medication. Research also shows that rosemary oil has cellular-regenerative properties that can heal damaged cells on hair follicles, thereby restoring anagen follicles and helping them grow hair strands. As a result, your hair density increases, making your hair look more voluminous and healthier.

Choose the Best Hair Oil According to Your Hair Care Needs.

Every problem will always have an array of solutions, but you should be wise enough to select the best and the most convenient way of solving the matter. To get the best hair growth results, choose the kind of hair oil that best suits your hair care needs. If not, you can apply hair growth serums that contain the best essential oils for hair growth and maintenance.


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