A Few Standard Etiquettes Around Wearing Cowboy Hats

Etiquettes Around Wearing Cowboy Hats

You must have seen cine stars in their ranch wear, sporting cowboy hats, boots, horses, and that relaxed attitude. Their overall presence can make you feel you can also ace the cowboy style. Well, it is precisely one of the reasons why many people want to own one in their wardrobe. If you wear it right, you don’t need anybody else’s validation. But it is not a matter of a joke to have one. It can be one of your most special purchases, and hence, you cannot afford to go wrong with it.  You don’t need to be anxious over this. Here are some general rules around how to handle it. Keep them in mind, and you can look perfect.

Shopping guidelines

You get varieties in a cowboy hat – felt, straw, etc. Felt tends to be the popular choice, though. But you cannot appear in this hat during summer as it would be impractical and look awkward. The material can make your head hot and heavy. As an alternative, you can try the straw option. It can be an excellent headwear to keep your head cool. No matter what you choose, sun protection is a guarantee. You can take out your straw hat during Easter and felt hat during Labor Day weekend based on the weather condition in your state.

Another thing you have to be careful about is the size. A too-big hat will fall off your head every time, making everything too messy. And if you attempt to fit your head in a smaller one, you can look too uncomfortable in that. So get the proper size.

Rules around removing your hat

Some occasions demand you to remove your hat gracefully and hold it in one hand. For example, if you attend indoor weddings or funerals, you want to take it off and keep it in your right hand. You also would like to remove it at church prayers, national anthem, flag passing ceremony, etc. During the national anthem, you can half tip your hat. It is also acceptable.

However, when someone introduces you to a woman, the experts suggest grabbing its crown with your left hand to take it off and keeping your right hand free for shaking hands with her. Whether you stop to say hello to someone, you can again remove it. Apart from this, if you visit someone’s home, you may consider removing your hat if others have also removed theirs.

These are some of the scenarios to remember. And regardless of the occasion, make sure to remove your hat by its crown. Some people like to use their brim, but it can become inconvenient if it lacks strength. At the same time, you can adjust your hat using its brim. In this context, it can be essential to know that you should keep your hat down on its crown and not the bill. However, you will not need to worry about this if there is a rack or hat stand in the room.

Do you wonder if you can keep it on in the restaurant? Well, the casual dining atmosphere is something different. But when you go for fine dining, removing your hat can be the best practice.

Anyway, you can decide what is best to do. These are not laws, just some socially acceptable conduct. Some occasions may not be the place for your cowboy look. That’s why it can be better to stick to their requirements.

The tips for first-time hat buyers

It can be impossible to resist the charm of these hats, which have become an integral part of western wear today. And it is not just men who take pride in their cowboy looks. The ladies also don’t mind flaunting their cowgirl side. Well, whether you are a fashion-forward person, a casual stylist, or somewhere in between these two groups, trying anything new for the first time can be slightly overwhelming. You may feel a little nervous about your decision. So, the best way to deal with it is to go for safe choices like black or silver colors. These can enhance any dressing with their timeless and classic appeal.

Dressing up in your favorite attire with handpicked accessories can be fun. Those who care for details would only know how much effort and thinking it takes to pull together the perfect ensemble. Still, you don’t need to spend too much time and energy finding the right choice, especially with options like cowboy hats for men. There are unique varieties for everyone. You can wear it to curate formal, semi-formal, casual, or any other look that you desire. In the end, you can check yourself in the mirror and appreciate your style. If you have a nice pair of cowboy boots also, it can be incredible. You can walk into your friends’ party at a pub or somewhere else in total confidence.