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When people think about beauty products, they often think of delicate flowers and various herbs. It is especially so when it comes to skincare products. However, some ingredients don’t exactly match the idea of caring for your skin. While they seem strange, they are also surprisingly effective. Here are some of them.


One interesting ingredient for skincare is charcoal. Don’t expect the ordinary charcoal people burn in barbecues. What some skincare products use is activated charcoal. It is a powder used in emergency rooms to absorb toxic chemicals in victims of overdose. Thanks to its manufacturing process, activated charcoal is a very absorbent substance. In beauty terms, it is the ideal ingredient for drawing the various toxins, microparticles, and more that land on your skin during the day. Apply a skin care product with an activated charcoal ingredient before you sleep, and your skin will feel refreshed the next day.


Cannabis has a more well-known reputation as a recreational drug. However, organic CBD oil has potentially interesting uses when it comes to skincare. Reports claim it has a potent anti-inflammatory that can help with various skin conditions. For example, if you suffer from frequent acne flare-ups, applying CBD oil to the affected areas could help ease the inflammation and infection of the skin. It’s said CBD has excellent antioxidant properties, with a rumoured application being that people could use it to fight the wrinkles that develop on your face.

Black tea

When it comes to tea and skin care, many people have a general idea to drink them. That is understandable, considering how rich the various tea varieties are in antioxidants. While people think of green tea, black tea is equally effective. It is thanks to the high concentrations of tannins and polyphenols in it. While it is still effective when consumed, people have the option to apply black tea in skin products directly to the skin.


Another strange ingredient is oatmeal. Applying it to the skin may seem odd, but the processed oatmeal ingredient delivers several essential elements to your skin. For one, it can hydrate your skin quickly. People suffering from dry and itchy skin can benefit greatly from using it. Additionally, the oatmeal has saponins. This soap-like substance can provide a cleansing touch to your skin without the chemical harshness of soap. Finally, there are several natural oils that you can get from oatmeal. When applied to your skin, they have a rejuvenating touch.

Meteorite extract

A genuinely out-of-this-world ingredient is meteorite extract. It is more like meteorite powder. Finely-ground meteorites contain calcium, magnesium, silicon, and iron. They provide an excellent addition to other ingredients, allowing for better absorption and helping brighten up the skin.

Final thoughts

The human skin can be fascinating in how it reacts to different substances. Whether it is everyday items like milk or more exotic ones like fish eggs, the ultimate goal is smooth, youthful skin. Try some of the ones in the list above if you want to see which ones work best.


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