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Root Canal Write For Us

Root Canal Write For Us

Root Canal Write For Us – Root canal treatment is a dental process to preserve a tooth after the pulp becomes inflamed or infected. It usually begins with a deep cavity or trauma to the face or teeth. Dental pulp is the soft tissue inner the tooth that contains connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels.

During a root canal, the dentist cleans the infected tissue from the pulp chamber, then disinfects, fills, and seals the tooth. A crown is often placed over the tooth structure to prevent chipping or cracking.

When is a Root Canal Needed?

When is a Root Canal Needed_

A root canal is executed when the soft inside part of a tooth, known as the pulp, becomes infected, inflamed, or infected.

The crown of a tooth, which is the part that appears above the gum, can remain intact even if the pulp has died. Therefore, removing infected or diseased pulp is the finest method to preserve the tooth’s structure.

Common causes of pulp damage include:

  • Deep caries due to an untreated cavity
  • Multiple dental procedures on the same tooth
  • A chip or crack in a tooth
  • Injury to the tooth (a tooth can become infected if it hits the mouth; the pulp can be damaged even if the injury did not break the tooth)

The most common symptoms of pulp damage include toothache, swelling, and a warm sensation in the gums. Your dentist will examine the aching tooth and take X-rays to confirm the diagnosis. Your dentist can refer you if they think you want a root canal.

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