6 Crazy Secrets Your Dentist Knows Just by Looking in Your Mouth

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You may not realize it, but when your dentist in Port Melbourne looks in your mouth, they can show you a lot regarding what is affecting your health. Dentists are trained to look for signs of diseases like diabetes and heart disease. But did you realize that the colour of plaque on your teeth could help show if you have gum disease? It’s true! This blog post will share 12 secrets that dentists know just by looking in your mouth.

1. Vitamin deficiency

You may be vitamin deficient, and your dentist will know because of the signs in your mouth. For example, bleeding gums, increased infection, or burning tongue syndrome can indicate a deficiency of specific vitamins. It also affects every day minor scratches and scrapes while also keeping teeth healthy with proper brushing habits.

2. You are pregnant 

Surprised or not, your dentist can detect symptoms from the mouth indicating that you are pregnant. So, hopefully, this doesn’t come as too much of a shock when they bring up their findings, with gingivitis being one major giveaway. Because of an increase in progesterone which causes bacteria build-up leading to potential pregnancy tumours on women’s gum line.

3. A habit of nail-biting

The dentist will tell you that you engage in this bad habit by looking at your teeth. Chewing on nails makes them uneven and cracks the enamel of one’s teeth. In addition, it can make it difficult for people who bite their fingertips because it risks making others around them think poorly about what type of person could do such things.

4. You have oral cancer

Cancer is never a term you want to listen to, but it’s always great to be diagnosed sooner than later. Mouth bleeding gums, patches of discolouration and jaw pain are all symptoms that may point toward oral cancer. Thus, get treatment immediately if this sounds like something for which you’re experiencing discomfort.

5. Eating disorder

If you have an eating disorder, then your dentist might be able to spot the signs. Acid erosion usually occurs on the tongue side of teeth. It can lead to not just one but two types: porcelain staining or even missing enamel due to carelessly chewing with bad breath. However, if there is any truth involved, then medical professionals will provide additional support for recovery as well

6. Your love for soft drinks

The dentist will know if you love sugary drinks. Drinks high in sugar are bad for oral health and can damage teeth over time, leading to chipped or broken enamel. Also, it might be painful when talking loudly at sporting events with friends. Cut down on these types of beverages by drinking water instead. Not only does it benefit our mouths, but it also keeps us hydrated while doing other things like working out.

Final Words

Dentists can tell you a lot more than just if you cavity-free. They also provide an opportunity for their dental medicine colleagues to diagnose a patient and help make decisions about treatment options. Thus, next time you go to the dentist, prepare yourself and never speak lie to them.


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