How To Prepare Green Tea To Enjoy Its Qualities

Prepare Green Tea

They always ask us about the proper way to prepare our Oriental Green Tea. This post will tell you in detail what is needed to prepare a Green Tea that meets your expectations. It is vital to know the aspects of the preparation and how to obtain all the benefits that Green Tea offers you.

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Water Temperature, An Important Factor

It is one of the most important aspects to obtain the best qualities of green tea. If you prepare it with the water too hot, the tea will become more bitter, losing its delicate aroma to a great extent; On the contrary, if the water is icy, we will not be able to extract all the flavor in the teabag.

Why Green Tea Is Better To Prepare With Not So Hot Water

Several substances in the leaf contribute to the taste and aroma of green tea. Various natural amino acids and sugars determine the overall flavor and sweetness of green tea.

Bitterness and astringency are provided by polyphenols (tannins). Amino acids dissolve at 60 ° C, while tannins dissolve at 80 ° C. Therefore, preparing green tea at lower temperatures will ensure that bitter flavors will not overcome its sweet and complex flavors.

The Ideal Temperature

Green tea is best brewed in a temperature range between 60 ° C and 85 ° C. The most effective way to know if the water is at the right temperature is to use a thermometer. However, not all of us have this element among our kitchen implements, so we can also turn off the flame that heats the water just before it starts to warm. Boil, or if it is already boiling, let it cool for a couple of minutes and then pour it into the kettle or cup, always keeping in mind that the bag must be placed first and then pour the water on top.

How Long Should I Leave Green Tea In The Water?

The steep time of Green Tea is relatively short. Leaving it too long can draw out the more bitter flavors giving a feeling of less balance. To achieve the best result with your Oriental Green Tea, try between 1 and 2 minutes of rest time. If you are one of those who like more bitterness, try leaving an additional minute.

In this way, we must consider that the rest time and the temperature are inversely proportional. The higher the water temperature, the less rest time and at a lower temperature: more rest time.

The Best Qualities Of Green Tea

The indicated thing to take advantage of green tea’s benefits is to drink it between meals (eleven or mid-afternoon). First of all, this will ensure that catechins, one of the primary antioxidants, will not react with casein present in milk and other animal protein forms. This reaction usually reduces the effectiveness of green tea.

Chinese studies on green tea have also found that green tea reduces macronutrients’ absorption, such as fat and protein. So, how to drink green tea correctly? At least two hours before or after meals to avoid these effects.

How Much Green Tea To Drink?

Harvard Health Publications recommends drinking a couple of green teacups every day to enjoy its best-known qualities. It is also known that in certain cultures, it is customary to drink up to 3 cups per day

In any case, the excess is not recommended. Drinking Green Tea in excessive amounts can have similar effects on drinking coffee in excess, affecting sleep.

We should not confuse Green Tea products to prepare as an infusion with tea supplements or extracts.

Our industry only produces green tea for infusion preparation in concentrations that are 100% safe for health, under the food industry’s standards and regulated by INVIMA, which guarantees its consumption safety.

We do not manufacture or market tea supplements or extracts that claim to have medical properties. We always encourage our clients to lead a healthy life with healthy eating and physical activity.

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