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Convert your PDF files in a quick way to the format you desire. Use PDFBear’s converter tools. With that, you will no longer feel any stress by doing the copy and paste method. All you have to do is go to their site freely and do what you need to do. PDFBear will happily offer their services to you. To know and understand more, here are a few online converters available in PDFBear.

PDF to Doc

People nowadays use PDF format for much safer essential documents. But sometimes, you have to convert them into a document format that will suit its purpose. If you don’t have updated software for your computer, most probably a PDF file will not read your device. That’s why you might need the converter tool to transform a PDF into the most editable format, Microsoft Word. With that, anyone who receives or has your documents will not have a hard time accessing them. However, the right tools are needed for accurate conversion. Lucky for you, PDFBear has a free online converter tool.

This converter tool of PDFBear will save you from time and energy-consuming tasks like copy and pasting. Through this tool, you can easily convert PDF to Doc with ease, and you will no longer have to type the context of the file again. The PDF to Word online converter of PDFBear enables users to turn a PDF file and save it into a flexible Microsoft Word format instantly. The tool can do the job in a short period and a clean job. Follow these easy steps to perform the PDF to Word conversion properly:

  1. Press the “Select File” button and carefully select the PDF files you need to convert.
  2. The system will start extracting text from the PDF.
  3. Wait for the converter tool to complete the task.
  4. A newly converted word document is ready. Download and save on your computer.

PDF to Excel

Almost every single person prefers PDF as their file format since PDF is a format that is very easy to share or view. And it operates well with nearly all operating systems. However, Excel spreadsheets on PDF are not a thing. You can’t easily edit or make any changes to the spreadsheet, and that’s a problem. It is impossible to edit XLS and XLSX if you save them in a PDF format because it will turn into an image file when PDF saves them. So, it would be a hassle to anyone, specifically to people who don’t have the exact right tools to help them with. And to the ones who are in a hurry.

Good thing, there is a conversion tool that can easily convert a PDF file into Microsoft Excel in no time, the online PDF to Excel converter. Your PDFs will transform into Excel spreadsheets using the tool, and the document’s original formatting will remain as is. No ruined text or scrambles words, layout, formulas, tables, and all other data. Your brand new Excel spreadsheet will look precisely like your PDF file. Isn’t it impressive? You can have it done in a few minutes! Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Upload your file in the conversion box.
  2. PDFBear will start converting your PDF to an Excel spreadsheet.
  3. In a few minutes, the process is complete.
  4. Finish it by downloading and saving the newly converted file.


If you want to make a long-lasting file, upgrade them into a format that will last even after decades and centuries, convert all your files into PDF/A format. And you can only do that if you use a PDF converter. The PDF to PDF/A converter will help you convert your file quickly. This tool will remove unsuitable features that aren’t good for long-term archiving, like encryption and font linking.

Even after so many years, when your PDF is converted to a PDF/A format, you can still access it efficiently and without any problem. Your PDF will exactly look like how it was years later. PDF and PDF/A aren’t the same and have their differences, if you may ask. When it comes to preserving files or documents, the PDF/A format is much better at that. To know how to do it. Here’s an easy guide to perform PDF to PDF/A conversion:

  1. Select the PDF file that you want to preserve.
  2. After your file is uploaded to the site, the system will start scanning your PDF.
  3. Please wait while the conversion takes its place.
  4. Conversion is done! Your PDF/A file is ready to download.


Converting a PDF file has never been easy with the use of PDFBear’s great tools for conversion. Other than that, it is all handy. You may never know when you need a PDF managing tool, but worry no more because PDFBear is only a click away!


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