Four Essential Components to Include in Your New Man Cave

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The term “man cave” used to be used to refer to those 1990s lager louts who loved nothing more than spending every evening drinking themselves into oblivion.

Now, however, the term has taken on an entirely new meaning, with many man caves now also belonging to women, and the variety of activities and hobbies undertaken in them growing exponentially.

Without a doubt, though, there are a number of components that you simply must at least consider including in your new man cave setup, and here are four of the most important.

1.   Smart Technology

Not only do you want your new man cave to be cool and a relaxing and comfortable place to spend your time, but you’ll also want it to be as easy as possible to navigate around the space, and this is where smart technology comes in.

From investing in a Roomba smart vacuum to clean the floor while you’re at work, to investing in Phillips Hue lightbulbs so you can change the lighting structure and even the colors of the light themselves from your smartphone, smart technology is definitely an important part of your new space.

2.   A Retro Diner Refrigerator

No one wants to be constantly pausing a movie to traipse upstairs to refill your soda or grab some chips throughout a well-deserved evening spent in your new man cave, so a refrigerator is an absolute essential.

For the ultimate in kudos and style points, choose either a red, turquoise, or cream American diner-style refrigerator, which also contains a small freezer within the base of the unit to ensure that you always have ice cubes on hand.

See for yourself how affordable a leading appliance moving quote can be, allowing you to source the snazziest retro fridge for your man cave from anywhere in the country and have it delivered directly to your door.

3.   Plenty of Comfortable Seating

For those who are excitedly planning and devising the ultimate blueprint and floor layout for their new man cave and intend to keep the space purely for them and their own needs and wants, they may feel it unnecessary to invest in additional seating options.

However, it would make far more sense to at least include an extra couch, or indeed a few giant bean bags on the floor, which will not only act as an additional seating if you eventually decide to invite friends and family over, but also let you vary how you experience the space depending on your activity.

4.   A High-Tech Gaming Rig

The fourth and final component of any man cave worth its salt is a gaming rig, and whether you prefer classic PC gaming, or you’re the proud owner of the latest PlayStation gaming console, you need to set out your rig to suit your preferences.

Make sure you treat yourself to an ergonomic keyboard and either a proper, purpose-made gaming chair or else a comfortable office chair with adjustable cushions and height, to make sure you protect your neck, back, and shoulders.


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