Injuries Popular Among Construction Workers

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Injuries Popular Among Construction Workers – Working at a construction site, similar to any job, comes with ups and downs. However, the downs are more health-related than any other work field. People working in the construction field are required to use strong machines, work on very high levels, or next to highways. Hence, constructions workers are faced with a huge risk for injuries when working.

Not only does getting injured take a toll on your health, but also your financial wellbeing. Because as a construction worker, if you’re unable to perform physical jobs, you won’t get paid. In addition to paying bills to recover from your injuries.

If you have faced an injury as a construction worker, it’s advisable that you consult with a law firm specializing in construction injuries such as The Barnes Firm to help you get your rights fully. You’ll be in touch with an attorney to check your case and decide on an appropriate course of action to claim your rights.

Different Types of Injuries That Construction Workers Might Face

Construction workers are faced with different risks at work. According to statistics, these are the most common causes that lead to injuries when working on construction sites.

  1. From electricity. Construction workers work with heavy machinery and around electricity cables that put them at risk of getting an electric shock if things go south. The risk could be a minor electric burn or an electric shock that leads to more serious injuries or could be fatal.
  2. Muscle Injuries. Because construction workers are often required to lift heavy stuff or do the same motion over and over again, they might face torn muscles or other joint injuries. These injuries could be minimized by lifting with a proper technique the same as those techniques learned at a gym.
  3. Underestimating the importance of protection. Construction workers often skip using protective gear because they think they’re too professional and know what they’re doing. But truth is, no one is inevitable to injuries when working at a construction site, even if they’ve been doing the same job for years.
  4. Scaffolding collapse. Although there are strict regulations around scaffolders to maintain the safety of construction workers, situations often time go south really quickly leading workers to fall off heights – resulting in major injuries or death.
  5. Falling into holes or from heights. Workers sometimes have to work on high levels whether on scaffolders or in buildings that could lead to them falling off, or working in holes that could lead to them getting them falling into these holes.
  6. Trenches. Trenches are dangerous because there have been several cases of trench collapses that lead to workers suffocating to death or suffering from serious injuries.

These are the major causes of injuries among construction workers. But they’re not the only ones. There are many other causes of injuries such as faulty tools or machines, mistakes made by other workers that could harm someone else, an accident when working on roads, or the collapse of construction sites during work. There are many causes. According to The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, one in ten construction workers is injured every year, with injuries due to falling off heights as the most common cause.

What Should A Construction Worker Do If They Get Injured?

Construction workers’ injuries isn’t a matter that should be taken lightly because it takes a toll on their quality of life. As someone whose job requires immense physical activity, injuries could lead to them getting laid off or working in a different job. Also, there are medical bills to be paid.

Therefore, if you’ve been injured, you must go to a law firm to understand your rights and allow an attorney to help you claim these rights. Law firms can help by:

  • Understand the case determine the suitable course of action and tell you what your rights are
  • Deal with health insurance for the payment of medical bills
  • Work alongside you to gather sufficient evidence
  • Keep the case moving forward
  • Negotiate a compensation settlement for the damage done

These aren’t all the things that a law firm could help with. In fact, there are many minor – and major – details that go into a construction injury case. Firms specializing in construction injury cases have sufficient exposure and experience to handle your case. Consult with an attorney right away. The sooner the better to get a better chance of securing your rights.


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