How To Choose The Right Length And Weight For A Necklace

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Choose The Right Length And Weight For A Necklace

Of course, you can opt for necklaces in generic sizes often sold at a reasonable price in small shops in malls. Note, however, that the necklace’s length and weight should usually be considered when purchasing a new piece of jewelry, especially if you intend to invest in a timeless piece. Have you ever worn a necklace only to find out when looking in the mirror that something was wrong? It just might not have been suitable for your outfit or your body type.

Many factors go into choosing a necklace, and this short guide will help you see things more clearly.

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How To Choose The Right Necklace?

First of all, you must ask yourself when you will be wearing this necklace. 17 ” 3-row necklace in 10 kt tricolor gold Depending on the occasion, it can be longer or shorter and more or less discreet. What impact do you want it to have? Will it match a particular outfit, or do you wear it around your neck every day? You won’t wear the same type of jewelry to a wedding or a happy hour at a trendy bar.

And did you know that there are several preset sizes of necklaces? If you decide to invest in a more luxurious piece of jewelry, choose a size that suits you well and that will perfectly match your style.

How To Navigate The Lengths Of Necklaces

As its name suggests, the choker or choker necklace is worn very close to the neck, and its length varies from 30 cm to 41 cm at most. It is generally more suitable for skinny channels and people with longer faces. This length is ideal for elegant necklaces (think rows of small pearls), delicate chains, and understated pendants and embellishments. As a rule, it works well with V-necks and boat necks or clothes that allow part of the upper body. Necklaces very close to the neck often have a more seductive look. With this type of accessory, always make sure you are comfortable enough and not feeling suffocated by the collar, of course!

The princess necklace

The princess necklace, ranging from 43 to 48 cm, arrives at the collarbones and usually emphasizes the princess necklace bust since the gaze stops above the figure. This length works well with all necklines and works well with most dress styles, chic or casual. It is, therefore, a versatile collar and probably the most practical of all, honestly! Indeed, if you want to give a necklace as a gift to a woman, it will be the best choice you can make.

The matinĂ©e necklace, also called sautoir, has a length of 50 to a maximum of 61 cm. It is incredibly elegant for women with rounder faces. It’s the perfect length to wear with a turtleneck, but we also like it for showing off the bust. The long necklace can be simple or with a pendant with intricate ornaments. It lends itself well to semi-formal occasions and can be worn in the office.

The opera necklace measures 62 to 90 cm and goes down to the chest. Even going as the Copper Sparkle three-row necklace under the chest in some cases. It suits all body types, and as its name suggests, it can be worn with charm with neat clothes or for formal occasions (and not just to go to the opera, of course!). Whether classic or a bit exuberant, dare to wear it with a plunging neckline on a special occasion!

Last but not least: the long necklace, also called “rope,” displays a long chain of more than 90 cm. Versatile, this one can be worn in a single row or layered (advantageous for women with a slim waist). Thus, it is often a bit more daring, and since it is very long, it can also be worn with other chains for a very trendy layered look.

On The Side Of Men’s Necklaces

In men, one must also take into account their morphology when selecting a necklace. We must especially think about the circumference of the neck, shoulders, and torso. Depending on the case, the chain chosen will refine her style or give a touch of elegance to her neck. Ideally, for men, the ideal length for a necklace is slightly below a crew-neck sweater’s collar. Men with wider necks will benefit from opting for a thinner chain and vice versa.

Also, these gentlemen can dare the superposition of necklaces, chains, and pendants!

The Necklace As An Accessory To Enhance Your Body

Certain clothes go better to specific body types, and the same goes for necklaces. Beyond the style of the chain and your class. You should know that different lengths of necklaces can highlight parts of the body and sometimes accentuate areas that we like less. A jewel perfectly adapted to your morphology will divert the eyes towards the functions you wish to emphasize. Remember, people’s gaze usually ends where the necklace ends!

This is why it is crucial to know the concepts of necklaces lengths not to be disappointed with your purchase.

How To Choose The Weight Of The Necklace

The weight of a necklace will vary depending on its length, the number of beads and links used, Robert Lee Morris Basics Semi-Precious Round Turquoise String Necklace and Pendant, the size of the stones, and the material it is made of. Metal, precious stones, wood, pearls, synthetic materials.

It is, above all, a matter of comfort for the wearer. Some women are more sensitive to a necklace’s weight or don’t like the sensation of dragging a fetlock around their neck.

Give it a try, look at yourself in the mirror, and if the necklace looks great on you, the length is right! What will you choose ultimately? A thin chain or a trendy necklace?

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