The Health Benefits of Filtered Water

Is the taste of tap water satisfying you? After showering, do you feel tight or itchy skin? Unless you live in an area where the water is soft and chlorine-free. You are more likely to answer yes to both of these questions.

Do you know the content of pesticides, heavy metals, and other undesirable substances in the distributed water? Are the bacteriological analyzes satisfactory? These are all questions we should ask ourselves before blindly consuming the flowing water from the tap. But while we can obtain some answers quite easily, others are unfortunately more difficult, even impossible, to obtain. To avoid as much as possible the inconveniences or risks associated with these pollutants’ possible presence. Using filtered water is a useful precaution.

Rediscover the Pleasure of the Shower with Filtered Water

The chlorine present in the water is all the more aggressive for the skin, the respiratory tract, and the eyes as the water we use for showering or bathing has risen in temperature. Add to that a little lime, and the hours after washing can become nightmarish for sensitive skin.

Filtrating the water with a shower filter solves the problem very only. It contains a cartridge composed of a mixture of copper and zinc (KDF), eliminating chlorine and changing the limestone structure to reduce its encrusting power. Thus filtered, the shower water no longer attacks the skin, and scratching sessions are relegated to the rank of bad memories.

Filtered Water: A Quality Drink

If chlorinated water usually makes faces in those who drink it, exceeding the authorized content of pesticides or heavy metals is much more insidious. For example, did you know that 2 to 3 million homes still have old pipes that lead to excessively high lead concentrations in water that can lead to stunted growth and development in young children?

Depending on the problems encountered, various water filters provide reliable solutions: filter jugs, activated carbon filters, or domestic osmosis units. More economical and environmentally friendly than water bottles, we consume filtering water as a drink. But we also recommend for cooking and food preparation.

Filtered water should be preferred on the sink and shower taps to remedy small problems or major nuisances caused by certain pollutants found in the water. Specifically dedicated to these uses, Hydro pure products meet the strictest standards and satisfy the most demanding users.