Gym Membership vs Home Gym: Choosing the Right Gym

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More people are deciding to shift to a healthier lifestyle. They watch what they eat, try to let go of vices, and most importantly, plan their exercise. Working out is always an effective way to become a healthier person. Aside from deciding to commit to it, another big question to answer if you’re someone who is planning to be seriously engaged in exercise is where to do it.

Basically, you have two choices – acquire a gym membership or create your home gym. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Gym membership gives you the privilege of having a personal trainer and your gym buddies. But it also offers you used gym equipment which is a hassle sometimes, especially if you have to wait for your turn to use it.

On the other hand, having a home gym lets you assemble your own set of equipment such as exercise bikes, a treadmill, and a barbell set. But it’s easier to get unmotivated when you are exercising at home since you can have a lot of distractions.

Let’s help you weigh your choices by talking about each setup’s pros and cons.

Pros of Gym Membership

Gym Community – Being around people who share the same goal – being healthy and fit, can inspire you a lot to finish even the most difficult set of exercises. The aura inside a gym is always strong and lively, which is effective in forcing you to hustle. You can even find friends who would be willing to work out with you or encourage you through healthy competition.

Consistent Mindset – For you to ace an exercise program or even a simple workout routine, you have to be focused and dedicated every time. Having a gym membership does that. When you go to a gym, all you have to do is to start working out – do your warm-ups, hop on the exercise bike, or take advantage of the treadmill. There are no chores to do or family members to deal with, so you will not be tempted to stop working out. Also, traveling to the gym is good for your mind conditioning before your workouts.

Complete Amenities and Classes – Getting a gym membership gives you the privilege of having access to complete gym equipment so you can do any workout you prefer. Aside from this, you can also enroll in different fitness classes to level up your exercise plan.

Cons of Gym Membership

Price – High-end gyms cost a lot of money. This adds to your monthly bills so that they can be burdensome.

Waiting for your turn – A gym is a shared space, so there will be a lot of times when you want to use the exercise bike or any other equipment, but you have to wait for a few minutes. Waiting kills your momentum.

Availability – Not all gyms are operational 24/7. So if you want to change your workout schedule, you always have to consider the gym’s schedule, too.

Pros of Home Gym

Accessibility – It’s where you live, so you can wake up 5 or 10 minutes before your schedule and be gym-ready in a breeze. You don’t have to worry about any travel time.

More Practical – Investing in a home gym can help you save money in the long run. You can choose to buy cheaper but high-quality equipment and use it for many years. You don’t have to pay for other used equipment that you don’t even need.

More Privacy – If you’re the kind of person who is more comfortable working out alone, a home gym perfectly fits you. You can go all out without the fear of other people judging you.

Cons of Home Gym

Extreme Self-Discipline – This is a requirement that not all people can give if you decide to go to a home gym. You are also your trainer and motivating gym buddy, so it’s a bit harder to be consistently focused.

Limited Space – You may have the budget to invest in brand-new gym equipment, but your space is limited.

Distractions – Another thing to consider is the people you live with. If you have kids, it will be challenging to have a workout session without any interruptions.

Choosing the right gym depends on the kind of person you are and the level of commitment that you are ready to give in working out. This list lays out the common pros and cons of gym membership and home gym so you can come up with the right decision.


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