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PDF is one of the most revolutionary file formats. This provided a solution to the preservation problems when transmitting raw files. Notice that when you send a Word or PPT file via email if a person’s device is not compatible with your raw document’s software, it messes up the file’s format and structure. Thankfully with PDF, that stressful scenario can be avoided.

The thing about PDF, while it may be a good way to preserve your raw documents today, it is not guaranteed to have the same capacity in the years to come. With the introduction of innovations in computers and its program happening every week, it could be that your PDF file might lose its preservation edge in the next few years unless you convert it to PDF/A.

What platform should you use in converting your PDF to PDF/A?

Considering that various program developers recognize the potential problem of PDF being an outdated format, there are countless websites you can use to convert PDF to PDFA. The most common answer would be software. However, there are a lot of downsides in opting for it. It may require a huge amount of money. Not to mention, the installation could be a hassle.

Hence, we suggest that you go with the website we have discovered: GoGoPDF. This platform is especially recognized for its top-notch quality and the drive of its web developers to make sure that the users will experience the most hassle-free experience. Aside from file conversions, it also specializes in other PDF-related jobs like modifications or editing.

Quick and Hassle-free conversion

GoGoPDF ensures that no time is wasted in using their website. Some platforms could be really annoying with the bureaucracy and process you have to undergo to get the job done. Not to mention, the waiting time is also unjustifiable. Thankfully the developers of GoGoPDF understand that time is gold, and therefore waiting should not eat up much of your time.

Furthermore, there is no need for computer expertise in accessing the website. It is designed to cater to people who consider themselves non-tech savvy. The way everything is set-up in the platform is easy to be comprehended even when it is your first time visiting the website. The instructions are also very easy to understand, brief, and direct.

ISO-standardized technology

The technology of GoGoPDF converts your PDF into an ISO-standardized version, removing the features inapt for long-term preservation. An ISO-standardized PDF has every element of the previous PDF file preserved and sustained even after many years. Through GoGoPDF, your worries about the risk of not being able to open your PDF years after is erased.

Platform compatibility

In the creation of GoGoPDF, the creator tested the platform across various platforms: devices, operating systems, and even browsers. Through this test, it is ensured that the website will work seamlessly with any medium. With this, it is assured that you would not have to worry about not accessing the site because of your non-mainstream browser.

Works with Cloud Storage

GoGoPDF is a web-based platform. Meaning, everything will be done on the web through cloud storage. All you have to do is ensure that you have a stable internet connection to perform the process. For this reason, you will not have to worry about your device’s storage being eaten up as you convert your PDF to PDF/A. It will remain intact and untouched.

Privacy Rights are secured

It is understandable to hesitate in uploading your data online, especially the ones that you may consider very personal and private. The risk of having unauthorized people accessing your files will not be possible with GoGoPDF’s superior encryption tool. Moreover, it has a policy of deleting any uploaded file in the server an hour after completing the process.

How to convert your PDF to PDF/A using GoGoPDF?

The steps are easy; first, you have to upload your PDF file from your device by dragging it on dropbox or by selecting it on your device. Second, the platform will begin the process of converting. All you have to do is to wait for everything to finish, which is the third step. For the last step, download your file, or you may also share it via email or social media.


PDF is indeed a good file format to get the job done, especially sending and receiving documents through the internet. One of its downsides is the possibility to become outdated with all the updates happening around. For this reason, GoGoPDF is here to help you ensure that you will still be able to preserve your information even years after your PDF was made.


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