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Explore GogoPDF Web-Based Tools To Efficiently Handle Electronic Files – Many people may find electronic file management and organization a simple and easy task. However, some might find it a laborious job to do every day, especially if they don’t have enough skills and knowledge about it. It might even add to their agony when there’s no available computer software that they can use to accomplish any file tasks.

Because of this, as technology continues to arise in this modern world, the number of websites is increasing significantly to provide people with complimentary services and file tools. One of the sought-after websites that has gained people’s trust and confidence for years is GogoPDF.

Hence, check some of the web-based tools of GogoPDF below. Be familiar with the features of each one of them so that you would know what to use the next time you need one for your electronic files in the future.

Online Electronic File Converter

The electronic file converter is the first on the list of GogoPDF online tools. It allows you to convert your existing files to other file formats you might need in the project or task you’re currently working on. Hence, you can convert Excel to PDF whenever you need a more reliable and fixed file format for your Excel spreadsheets.

You can also apply that with your PowerPoint presentations and Word documents. You can transform them into PDF files for whatever purpose you might use them to. Besides that, if you have particular PDF files that you plan to store in your device for a long time, it’ll be better to convert them to PDF/A format for the sake of preserving the quality of your files for many years.

These are the examples of file conversions that you can do with GogoPDF for completely free. You can also visit its official website to check other formats available for free file conversions that you may need in the future.

Online Password Protect Tool

When it comes to protecting your PDF files from any form of unwanted access and use, setting up a strong and secure password has been an effective way to achieve your goal that many people use for many years. In line with this, GogoPDF can surely be of big help in encrypting your PDF files successfully.

You can use its online password-protect tool for entirely free. You on ly have to formulate a secure password, integrating different numbers, small and capital letters, and some symbols you want to include. Just make sure that the password is strong enough that no one can easily decode it, especially those who want to open and view your files without your consent.

Online Unlock PDF Tool

Setting up a password is intentionally made for those PDF files with sensitive data and valuable information. However, for those files that only contain general knowledge and basic information, keeping them password-free might be the best option to choose. With that, GogoPDF can help you decrypt your passworded PDF files in no time.

You only have to get your encrypted PDF files uploaded to the unlock PDF tool of GogoPDF. Then, the system will initiate the whole decryption procedure that will normally take minutes to complete. After that, your password-free PDF files are now available for download and use anytime you want. That’s the fastest way of removing the password you’ve set up in your PDF files using GogoPDF.

Online PDF Merger Tool

This next online tool of GogoPDF is best used for effective file organization. It allows you to merge multiple PDFs and make them in a single PDF file quickly. Hence, you can combine those PDF files from the same sources or unify those that you commonly use for the same purpose.

You can apply a particular classification strategy that you think is the best and then merge them together in the same category. By doing so, you can avoid cluttered PDFs showing up on the screen of the device you’re currently using. Hence, every time you’ll be looking for a particular PDF file, you would what computer folder to open and which merged files to search for it. It’ll surely help you save more time and effort.


Handling tons of electronic files can be challenging, especially when you’re not using the right file tools. Don’t worry because GogoPDF will always offer its set of helpful web-based tools for you completely free. Hence, don’t get stressed next time when you’ll be bombarded again with tons of tasks that deal with electronic files because you can always check the GogoPDF website to find professional help and assistance.

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