Engagement Ring Shopping Secrets

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Engagement Ring Shopping Secrets from the Experts

Ready to buy an engagement ring? Want to know the industry secrets a jeweler would tell their best friend? It’s easy to be blinded by the bling when you first start looking. But there are a few things you really need to know before saying yes to a sparkler, whether you’re surprising your partner or choosing a ring together.

While scrolling through beautiful designs definitely counts as research, there’s way more to think about to make sure your choice hits the brief.

There’s More To Choosing A Diamond Than Just The 4C’s

Love the idea of a timeless diamond as the feature stone for your engagement ring? While you’re likely familiar with natural diamonds mined from the earth, you may not have heard about lab-grown diamonds. As the name suggests, these are created by scientists who mimic the conditions that naturally occurring diamonds need to form. The result is a stone that is chemically identical to a mined diamond.

If you want a budget-friendly option, lab-grown diamonds can be up to 40% less expensive, without any difference in physical characteristics. They’re also environmentally and ethically conscious, making them an appealing alternative to consider! Once you’ve decided whether a mined or man-made diamond is right for you, the 4C’s come into play, as both are independently graded by gemologists using the same criteria of cut, clarity, color and carat.

But if you want to buy natural diamonds we recommend looking at GS Diamonds range, there you can choose any natural loose diamond with certificates and put it on your ring – to bespoke engagement rings in Australia can be easy, quality, and cheap with GS Diamonds.

Engagement Ring Style Is More Important Than Size

If you’re surprising your partner, it’s important to know their personal style before choosing an engagement ring to make sure they’ll feel comfortable and confident wearing it every day. The stone shape, setting and metal you select will leave a longer lasting impression than the number of carats. It will also highlight the thought that has gone into your choice.

You’ll have to do a bit of research (and hope for some not-so-subtle hint dropping) to come up with the perfect engagement ring to suit their taste and lifestyle.

If your partner favors a luxurious look, consider a design that features an eye-catching halo. If their style is more modern, they may appreciate the sophistication and sentiment of a three stone engagement ring. And if they love simplicity, an elegant solitaire with a minimalist band might be your best choice.

Of course everyone is different – that’s why there are so many stunning designs to choose from! Try picturing the ring on your partner’s finger. If you can’t, then it’s likely not the right one…or it’s time to start shopping for the ring together.

You Don’t Have to Purchase An Engagement Ring In Person

While there are some benefits to purchasing a ring in-store, it’s not always an option. Luckily, buying an engagement ring online is a lot like buying anything else online – simple, quick and convenient. It’s safe and secure provided you do your due diligence. You’ll need to research any seller you’re considering to ensure they use real materials, provide accurate details and offer fair pricing and conditions so there are no surprises when the parcel is delivered to your door!

Since lab-grown diamonds have become a popular alternative in the past few years, many of the stores that sell them are completely online. Reputable sellers will have an experienced customer service team on hand to ensure you have all the necessary knowledge to purchase the diamond of your dreams. They’ll also offer incentives like free shipping and resizing, generous return policies and lifetime warranties. These promises give customers the confidence they need when making such a large purchase online.

There’s A Beautiful Engagement Ring For Every Budget

In 1938, a famous diamond company declared the cost of an engagement ring should be worth one month’s salary. They doubled it to two months in the 1980s and this fictional rule has stuck ever since! Besides a clever marketing campaign, there’s really no reason why the ring you choose should leave you rich in love but broke in cash.

Regardless of the size of your budget, it’s important to stay within it for the sake of your wallet – and your future wedding plans. There’s a ring out there to suit every budget, especially when you can adjust the 4C’s of your featured diamond (or choose a lab-grown alternative) to make it more affordable. Given as part of a heartfelt proposal, it will be one of the most special and significant jewelry pieces ever received. Happy shopping!


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